About Believing Africa

Believing Africa is curated by undergraduate and graduate students under the guidance of Museum staff and Anthropology Department faculty. In 2005-06, two anthropology seminars with 18 students from Brown and the Rhode Island School of Design conceptualized this exhibition, drawing on the Museum’s extensive African holdings. Subsequently, a design, conservation, and installation team of students, staff, and volunteers mounted the exhibit.

Student-curators: Bridgette Cahill, Alma Carrillo, Michelle Charest, Janet Clemens, Erin Connors, Kristen Costa, Christy Delair, Cecelia Feldman, Hae-In Kim, Mireya Loza, Chung Nguyen, Allison Pappas, Nicole Restaino, John Sheehan, Leanne Tremblay, Marian Visona, Joss Whittaker, Sabine Zimmer.

Museum and Faculty Advisors and Design and Installation Team: Shepard Krech III and Kevin P. Smith, seminar and exhibition leaders; Rip Gerry, head of design and installation; Thierry Gentis, registrar and associate curator; Keni Sturgeon, curator of programs and education; Alexandra Allardt, conservation; Sarah Philbrick, graphic design; Annette Cooke, Cecelia Feldman, Brian Gohacki, Elizabeth Hoover, Emily Norton, Christine Reiser, Jack Sheehan, preparation and installation; Jon Litwin, object mounts; Thomas Urban and Rebecca Prahl, gallery greeters; Tracey Poole, public relations; Marilyn Seymour and Rayne Baer, administration.

For their generous advice, translation, or critique, we thank: Rumee Ahmed, Linda A’vant Deishinni, Caroline Bledsoe, Robert Brain, Bolaji Campbell, Christraud Geary, Winifred Lambrecht, Philip Leis, Mary H. Moran, Ruth B. Phillips, Allen Roberts, Polly Nooter Roberts, Doran Ross, Thierry Secretan, Daniel Smith, Zoë Strothers, Nicholas Townsend.

For donations, loans, and support, we thank:

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ahlgren
Daniel Brachfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Breslow
William Brill
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Capone
Stacy Chidekel
William F. Deneen
Alison Collins Fay
Vincent and Margaret Fay
Walter and Barbara Feldman
John A. and Marcia Friede
Friends of the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology
Allan Gerdau
Bette H. Greenblatt
David and Susan Haffenreffer
Haffenreffer Family Fund
Dwight B. and Anna Cooper Heath
William and Lorraine Hendrickson
James and Alice Houston
Jerome L. Joss
Herbert and Nancy Katz
Edna Mason Kaula
Peter and Anita Klaus
Igor Kopytoff
Mr. and Mrs. Sol Levitt
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Lewis
Burton and Junis Marcus
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William C. Mithoefer and Renée-Paule Moyencourt
Andrall and Joan Pearson
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Dr. and Mrs. Melvin Scharfman
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