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By Valeria Gauz

Here you will find technical information about the making of this web site, as well as some methodology.

The documents were scanned as TIFF archives, black & white photos, with 150 dpi, and most of them have 1.5 Mb approximately. A JPEG copy 50% smaller is the one available on this webpage. Each image is about 90 Kb.

Most images did not have contrast treatment in order to allow a good appreciation of the sometimes bad paper quality.

The documents were scanned in the exact way they appear, even when the text was crooked/bent, i.e., when the paper was not cut straight, and the chain lines are not parallel to the edges of the paper, or when the printed text is not aligned with chain lines. This is the case of Document #14, for instance. (For someone not gifted in arts-and-crafts like me, this was a very convenient decision). The blank leaves in the middle of the documents were scanned; the ones at the end were not, although some of them are part of the pagination statement. Multiple-page documents will have the first and last pages available on the same screen; the others will show up on a different page. Since the identification of documents is the primary goal of this web site, it was stipulated that documents with 10 or more pages will be presented in a thumbnail form.

File Index of Laws was key-entered exactly the way it appears in the index of the JCB copy (even with spelling errors).

From file Index of Laws, you will be able to access all the documents pertaining to the Código Brasiliense and from those, the variant copies, if it is the case. The documents appearing first are the ones belonging to the bound volume (CB = Código Brasiliense).