September 2012

Conversations in the Reading Room and Beyond

by Janice Neri, Boise State University, and Danielle Skeehan, Northeastern University

Figure 5. “The fashion of the Bottome...” Pattern poem by Virginia Ferrar, in The reformed Virginian silk-worm, or, A rare and new discovery of a speedy way, and easie means, found out by a young lady in England, she having made full proof thereof in May, anno 1652 (London, 1655), p. 20. JCB call number D655.H332rv.

Detail of the poem.

Janice Neri and Danielle Skeehan, "The Mystery of the Silk Worm: Conversations in the Reading Room and Beyond," I Found it at the JCB, Online Journal of the John Carter Brown Library, August 2012.