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Egede, Poul Hansen, 1708-1789.

Grammatica grönlandica danico-latina.

Copenhagen: Gottmann Frid. Kisel, 1760

Physical Description: [16], 236 [i.e. 256] p. ; 19 cm. (8vo)

Call number: G760/ E29g

Accession number: 01557; 04191

Notes: Grammatical text in both Danish and Latin, generally on facing pages, with examples in (Inuit?) language of Greenland Eskimos. Also includes approximately 50 native proverbs with Danish and Latin equivalents (p. 206-213), followed by two dialogues in Inuit (?) with parallel Danish and Latin versions (“Colloquium”, p. 214-239, and “Alterum colloquium inter missionarium & Angekkokum quemdam”, p. 240-254). Danish text set in black letter type throughout.

JCB has 2 copies. Copy 2 has a manuscript index in Latin on end flyleaf (recto and verso).

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Languages: Inuit-Inupiaq

Genre: Grammar

Region: Arctic