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The Bioimaging Calendars have now moved to Google.

Online Calendar

To use the online calendar you need a Brown Google Account. For convenience, you may also add the desired calendar to your calendar list (see 'Add another calendar' below).  External users who want to sign up need to contact Geoffrey Williams (401-863-1674) or Robbert Creton (401-863-9646).

Click here to download the Video Tutorial for Signing up on the Calendar. (28 MB Quicktime Movie)

To view & reserve time

- Open your BROWN Google mail (g-mail) and select 'Calendar' (top-left).
- If you have the Microscope's Calendar in your Other Calendars, display it and proceed.  If not, continue on your own calendar with the following procedure.
- Click 'Create Event' (top left), in the 'Click to add a title' field, enter the name of the resource (i.e. Leica) then add the following information separated by a comma and space in the exact order: name, telephone extension, the lab's PI-name, your id number i.e. Leica, Joe Smith, 3-1111, Name Lab, 2431).
- Select 'Rooms etc.', scroll down to the BM MCB section and highlight the desired resource, hit the 'Add' button (the name of the resource will now appear in the Where field).
- Select 'Find a Time', and highlight the time slot or use the fields, then hit Save (bottom left). You will then be returned to the calendar.

When you first return back to the calendars it may appear twice in the time slot, that is because you are looking at two calendars, yours and the resource. Select to display only one of the calendars.

Sign Up Guidelines: You may reserve two days and sign up for 1-3 hours per day. You may sign up for longer blocks of time when it is quiet on a microscope (typically in the evenings or weekends).

Cancellations: If you need to cancel or edit a session, go to your calendar and edit the reservation. Hit delete or (edit and Save) and the resource will update or become available again.

Late cancellations: If you cancel late (on the day that you are signed up), please contact the person signed up before or after you, so they can use the cancelled time. This is particularly important because the person signed up before you will need to shut the system down.  CALL the Facility to inform the user that you are cancelling.

*Add another calendar: This is a one time set up  (for each desired resource) to add to your personal calendar list.
- Go To Calendars from your account. 
- Select ADD below the Other Calendars section 
- At the new screen, select Browse by Interesting Calendars, then select more
- Select Resources for, and scroll down to the BM MCB section

Thank you.

The BioImaging Staff