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DVD Cataloging : MARC Fielding Quick Reference

06 Format (Type) g = projected medium (incl. videorecordings)
07 Bib level (BLvl) m = monographic

Field 007:
007:00 (|a) Category of material v = videorecording
007:01 (|b) Spec mat (SMD) d = video disc (laser-optical, capacitance, magnetic)
007:03 (|d) Color b = black and white
blank blank blank c = color
007:04 (|e) Videorecording format g = Laser optical (Reflective) videodisc
007:05 (|f) Sound on medium/sep. a = on the medium
007:06 (|g) Medium for sound i = videodisc
007:07 (|h) Dimensions z = other, including 4 3/4 in.
007:08 (|i) Conf. playback m = monophonic
blank blank blank q = quadraphonic, multichannel, surround sound
blank blank blank s = stereophonic

Field 008:
008:18-20 Time (Running time) 192 = 192 minutes
blank blank --- = unknown
008:33 Type of material (TMat) v = videorecording
008:34 Technique (Tech) l = live action

Other fields:
028 42 ID4511ANDVD|bImage Entertainment
245 10 Titanic|h[videorecording] /|cParamount Pictures.
250 blank Standard/widescreen format
300 blank 1 videodisc (192 min.) :|sd., col. ;|c 4 3 / 4 in.
blank blank blank
500 blank Title from videodisc and container.
500 blank For specific features see interactive menu.
500 blank Special features include interactive menus, scene selection, and theatrical trailer.
500 blank Side A in standard format; Side B in widescreen format.
500 blank Includes interactive navigation, multiple-camera angles, and ability to view and print sections of the Watershed score employing the Adobe Acrobat Reader program.
blank blank blank
538 blank DVD, Dolby digital, mono.
538 blank DVD, Dolby digital, stereo., widescreen
538 blank DVD, Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound, stereo.
538 blank DVD-Video/DVD-ROM hybrid.
538 blank Double-sided laser optical DVD
538 blank Single-sided DVD.
538 blank Double-sided double-layered DVD.
blank blank blank
546 blank Closed-captioned
blank blank blank
650 #0 Feature films.
650 #0 Musical films.
650 #0 Video recordings for the hearing impaired.
650 #0 Music videos

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