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Furttenbach, Joseph

Halintro-Pyrobolia. BeschreibungEinernewenBuchsenmeisterey nemlichen...
Ulm: Jonam Saurn, 1627.

The fourth part of this Description of a new system of gunnery deals extensively with artillery pieces, bombs, and fireworks.

Photograph 8a: Title-page.

Photograph 8b: Typical layout
of a seventeenth-century fireworks
display featuring rockets, fire-wheels
and mortars.

Joseph Furttenbach
Halinitro-Pyrobolia. Beschreibung einer newen buchsen-meisterey, nemlichen: grundlicher Bericht, wie der Salpeter, Schwefel, Kophlen, unnd das Pulfer zu praepariren, zu probieren, auch langwirrig gut zu behalten: das Fewerwerch zur Kurtzweil und Ernst zu laboriren...
Ulm: Jonas Saur, 1627.

This early German artillery manual, Description of a new system of gunnery and through instruction for the preparation of gunpowder from saltpeter, sulphur and charcoal, and for testing and preserving it, either for amusement or more serious purposes, contains 44 copperplate engravings of fortifications, measuring devices, rockets, shells and other explosive devices many of which were either invented or first described by Furttenbach.

The volume is open to a double-page layout of a typical 17th-century fireworks display, featuring various types of fixed and flying rockets, mortars for heavy shells, and a Catherine wheel.

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