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Fireworks Photographs

  1. Babington, John
    Pyrotechnia, or A discourse of Artificiall Fire-works ...
    London: Thomas Harper for Ralph Mab, 1635.

  2. Appier-Hanzelet, Jean
    La Pyrotechnie de Hanzelet Lorraine ou sont representez les plus rares & plus appreuuez secrets des machines & des feux artificiels ...
    Pont-a-Mousson: I. & Gaspard Bernard, 1630.

  3. Bate, John
    The Mysteryes of Nature and Art . In foure severall parts .. .[Part lI] The composingof all Manner of Fire-Works For Triumph and Recreacion ...
    London: R. Bishop for Andrew Cook, 1654.

  4. Siemienowicz, Kazimierz
    Artis Magnae Artilleriae pars prima
    Amsterdam: Jan Jansson, 1650.

  5. White, John
    A Rich Cabinet.with Variety of Inventions ... /including} Variety of Recreative Fire-works both for Land, Air, and Water ...
    London: Printed for William Whitwood, 1668.

  6. Collado, Luys
    Prattica Manuale dell"Artiglieria ... di Fuochi Artificiali; e di varij secreti ...
    Milan: Filippo Ghisolfi and Giovanni Battista Bidelli, 1641.

  7. Stoevesandt, J. C.
    Deutliche Anweisung zur Feuerwerkerey ...
    Leipzig: Johann Friedrich Gleditschens, 1757.

  8. Furttenbach, Joseph
    Halintro-Pyrobolia. BeschreibungEinernewenBuchsenmeisterey nemlichen...
    Ulm: Jonam Saurn, 1627.

  9. Engraving
    This Perspective View of Illumniations and Fireworks to be Exhibited at St. Stephen's Green at Dublin ... 1748.
    London: The Universal Magazine, 1749.

  10. Engraving
    A Perfect Description of the Firework in Covent Garden .. . Sept. 10, 1690.
    London: John Thomas Smith, 1809.

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