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"She is more to be helped than despised"

Alice A. Bowlsby

Alice Bowlsby

Alice lived with her two sisters and her mother; all four women worked as dressmakers. Her body was discovered at the New York City train station stuffed into a trunk that was to have been shipped to Chicago.

"Though [Jacob] Rosenzweig was charged with murder, the case is actually one of abortion. He was found guilty of manslaughter." (McDade)

Alice's seducer was identified by her relatives as Walter F. Conklin, a well-to-do young man, son of a Newark alderman. He had met Alice when she worked in a dressmaking shop. Young Conklin shot himself when he learned of Alice's fate.

The illustration is from The great "trunk mystery" of New York City. Murder of the beautiful Miss Alice A. Bowlsby, of Paterson, N.J. [New York: Hill & Co., 1872] in the Starred Books Collection.

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