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"She is only a lassie who ventured"


Richardson's deathbed

"[Daniel] McFarland was a rascal and drunkard whose wife Abby finally divorced him, planning to marry [Albert] Richardson, a popular author and New York Tribune editor. Richardson was shot by McFarland in the office of the Tribune, and on his deathbed was married to Abby McFarland by no less a person than Henry Ward Beecher. A deliberate campaign to vilify Richardson and whitewash McFarland had the effect of acquitting the latter, proving again that you can get away with murder if you claim to be defending the American home. The case was a cause celebre in 1869 and 1870." (McDade)

The illustration is from The Richardson-McFarland tragedy. (Philadelphia: Barclay & Co., 1870) in the Harris Collection of American Poetry and Plays.

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