Teaching the Arts of the Book
Catalog of Works by Students of Walter Feldman
Visual Art Department, Brown University

Author Title (click for image) Press Year Description
Armstrong, Janice Lynn “Joy & woe are woven fine...” Armstrong Press 1998-9 Text by William Blake from Auguries of Innocence; letterpress, wood block prints and water color; paper over boards.
Armstrong, Jessica The Jewel Armstrong Press 2000-1 Words by James Wright; bound with Alpha Alternating Loop stitch, two facsicles; plexi-etchings, stencils, cut-outs, and letter press on fine colored stock.
Arnold, Anandamayi Glimpses of Autumn Sir press 1992-3 Woodcuts and compiled poetry laser printed on handmade Japanese paper; stitched and laid in a folder.
Arnold, Anandamayi Le Fraisier
1994-5 Original text in French; accordion folded; color photocopy of paper collage and author’s handwriting.
Arnold, Anandamayi The Bull and the Deer pressed for time 1994-5 Pop-up; wood cuts; marbled end papers.
B[...], Amy D Chaos - go away - plot
1998-9 Illegible signature. Large folded broadside. letterpress, linoleum print.
Baltazar, Diana [untitled]
2002-3 Accordion; pop-up. Black and copper papers and cooper thread. Text in runic type alphbet. Unsigned and undated.
Bell, Vaughn At last unknown press 1998-9 Accordion-fold pop-up; Strathmore and Arches papers.
Berry, David G. [untitled]
1992-3 Unbound paper, leaves and acetate; boxed. Original poetry by author and others.
Berry, David G. Innocence
1994-5 Screen printed on Mohawk and hand colored.
Brodlie, Rachel a box of BUGS Farfalla Press 1996-7 Felt tip pen illustrations housed in cloth covered box with ribbon and metal ornaments.
Brodlie, Rachel Moon Farfalla Press 1996-7 Handmade paper, letterpress, woodcuts, beads; paper covered board.
Burr, Hannah “Peggy and her father Jack...”
1994-5 Photographs; handmade paper; vellum. Bound in twine and ribbon; hard box covered in a family linen.
Burr, Hannah 75 Governor Street Milt Press 1994-5 Paint, silkscreen and pen on cotton sheeting; paper made from same sheet; Dated 1995.
Busby, Sunny Stork Story
2002-3 Accordion; pop-up; hand stitched; hand colored, colored paper, and xerox; housed in black paper box. Text by Shel Silverstein.
Carter, Josephine Artist or Designer?
1990-1 Hardcover; handmade papers. Answers to questions by the book artist’s 13 year old sister.
Casey, Marisa Catalina Words by Peter Owen Nelson; prose & poetry Catalina Press 2000-1 Laser printed on cream stock and IBM transparencies; two fascicles bound in accordion folded paper.
Chung, David Wonderland The Wine Press 1992-3 Adapted from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass; pen and ink illustration; sewn into cloth-covered boards.
Cohen, Illana [untitled]
2002-3 Accordion; pop-up; hand painted on various paper over illustrations. Made while “living on Barnes Street, the home of a giant chestnut tree.”
Cole, Meredith Bugs in My Garden
2002-3 Accordion; pop-up; movable book; various papers and dried, gilded leaves. Original poetry.
Cole, Susanna Basis Basis Press 1998-9 Accordion folded into cover with removable spine.
Crispi, Ilana Soothsayer Revisited
(From Auguries of Innocence)
Crispi Press 1998-9 Text by William Blake. Accordion fold handmade paper with etchings and wood prints.
D[...], Ruth(?) Circus Clowns Candyman Press 1994-5 Illegible signature. Accordion folded pop-up.
Daily, Jennifer Offering: a sketch of life among Lowell’s mill girls Lion D’or Press 1996-7 Text by Jack Kerouac, Lucy Larcom, and Harriet Robinson; letterpress, silkscreen, board, cloth; hand woven binding.
Daly, Lew Albion Beds
undated Pulp paper and letterpress text in white paper wrapper.
Devlin, Elizabeth New York Caballera Press 1998-9 Accordion-fold pop-up with collage.
Devlin, Elizabeth Don’t Iron While the Strike Is Hot caballera press 1996-7 Paper covered boards; collage and linoleum prints.
Dumas, Pierre-Alexis Hands and Faces
1990-1 Handmade paper paintings; accordion folded.
Elkus, Nancy [Untitled]
1990-1 No text; illustrations embedded in handmade paper, gold paint; hardbound, cover displays peacock feather.
Erickson, Kristin A Garden Sampler
1998-9 Accordion folded alphabet book in box.
Everett, Laura The Raven Mary Complex Press 2000-1 Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven. Tri-folded cover of raw silk over board; silk screen.
Feinberg, Jane O Sun! ni un duro press 1996-7 Text from Genesis; letterpress and linoleum cuts; housed in cloth covered box.
Feinberg, Jane hers. Text by Aurora Levins Morales ni un duro press 1996-7 Letterpress and silkscreen; accordion folded; paper covered board wrappers. Strathmore and handmae papers.
Finch, Leah Carbondale Whippoorwill Press 1996-7 Letterpress; bound in cloth covered board.
Frank, Stephen M. “Somewhere I have never traveled...”
1980-9 Text by e.e. cummings; hand-made paper, woodcuts and collage; accordion folded and bound in white linen covered boards.
Gabriel, Carrie From Life, a Harvest: A Collection of Poetry by Dante Raspa CILY Press 1998-9 Bilingual Italian/English; English translation by Carrie Gabriel. Embossed images.
Gee, Jennifer The Raven
2000-1 Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven. Woodcuts.
Gee, M. Cage
1998-9 Illegible signature; pop-up accordion folded black paper. In two parts?
Gilbane, Martha Ocean Blue Water Press 1996-7 Accordion pop-up book; collage.
Glick, Chandra My Feet Lie Northward
1998-9 Spiral bound metal covers; alternating text and transparency pages.
Glick, Chandra Selections from William Blake’s Auguries of Innocence
1998-9 Pop-up, typeset, handmade paper, etching, accordion folded.
Glick, Chandra Surface
2000-1 Letterpress and silkscreen; hammered copper cover attached with hinges.
Grinnell, E. Tracy Two Poems Point Press 2000-1 “These poems are part of a place-oriented series....” original poetry; watercolor; two fasicles bound in small accordion folded cover.
Hansen, Lulu A Fish Tale Zealot’s Press 1998-9 Pop-up, delicate ink wash, dedication “for the beautiful Monkey King”. Cream Tiziano, Kimono Red Fabriano and drawing papers.
Haspel, Jordana Euridice’s Lot Dathian Press 1998-9 Text by Jennifer Brandis; book opens diagonally.
Hernandez, Sengua Sangre: a book of science for savages
undated Calligraphy, handmade papers, resists; embossed, unbound sheets in a wood box.
Hwang, Laurice A. Cranberry Challah Ashalea Press 1998-9 Recipe adapted from Mollie Katzen; cover inset of embossed copper; woodcuts; letterpress text; handmade endpapers.
Hwang, Laurice A. Chapter 11 of the Te-Tao Ching by Lao-Tzu
1996-7 Nesting paper boxes with text and woodcuts.
Hwang, Laurice A. Shadow Play. Text by Chuang Tzu
1998-9 Pop-up; accordion fold.
Jacobs, Alanna Gefilte fish. Ashkenazic ground fish. The Aleph Press 1998-9 Glass fish tied to cover. Chap book bound with a pamphlet stitch.
Jacobs, Alanna Six Sonatas and Partitas for viola solo. Partita No. 3 in E major. J. S. Bach
1998-9 Bach musical score with color monoprints; linen-covered box.
Jacobs, Alanna The ‘shema’ box
1996-7 Velvet paper, acetate, hand-made paper; woodcuts. Box with padlock and keys.
Jacobs, Alanna “in the beginning...”
1996-7 Hebrew text; pop-up accordion style; paper “wallet” wrappers fasten with velcro.
Jimsen, Laska Untitled Flutter Press 1994-5 Text by William Faulkner from As I Lay Dying; handmade paper, loose in linen covered box; etchings, xerox, Garamond linotype.
Joseph, Abigail Jungle Jungle Zoo Jungle platypus press 1998-9 Accordion pop-up; hand colored illustrations.
Joseph, Abigail Le Rose Platypus Press 2000-1 Poetry by Carmine Coppola. Typewriter and silkscreen; accordion folded; miniature; text in Italian.
Keller, Kristin H. The Poetry of Art
1992-3 Hand stitched; paper collage covers.
Kerson, Jennie Fay M JFK Press 2000-1 Miniature; accordion folded; inspired by the Mary Tyler Moore Show.
Klemmer, Scott George’s Autumn
1996-7 Letterpress, linoleum prints.
Klowden, Deb Unstick p-girl press 1998-9 Pop-up, Polaroid transfer, typewriter. Cason paper.
Komarnicki, Amy Whispers of the Wind
2002-3 Accordion; pop-up; hand lettered and hand made papers. Original poetry.
Koshi, Jonathan Relationships
1996-7 Box containing two boxes, on platform.
Koshi, Jonathan Book in a Box, a do-it-youself kit
1998-9 Cardboard box and printed wrapper contain various bookmaking materials.
Lamont, Sarah A Journey Through the Stars
1990-1 Unbound handmade paper; boxed.
Lee, William C Seven Over Fifteen Hundred
1990-1 Handsewn accordion housed in brown folding covers.
Levine, Karen William Shakespeare Sonnets 57 & 58 Wildside Press 1998-9 Reproductions of 1609 quarto, photoengraved. Housed in a folded illustrated envelope.
Linhart, Valerie A Riddle or the Cricket’s Cry Be Glorified! Private Press 1998-9 Text from William Blake's Auguries of Innocence; unpaginated loose leaves of handmade paper in round case.
Linhart, Valerie Umbrella Be Glorified! Private Press 1998-9 Umbrella of white linen and wood.
Linhart, Valerie Where the Wild Child Blooms Be Glorified ! Private Press 2000-1 Three-fold screen in a cloth bag. Natural muslin, mahogany, and parchment paper.
Linhart, Valerie In Season Be Glorified ! Private Press 2000-1 Paper cubes with text housed in glass cylinder.
Marble, Abigail Things From Dreams Ambling Marble Press 1992-3 Letter press; woodcuts; hardcover.
Matthews, Susan Rime of the Ancient Mariner Lapstrake 1994-5 Perfect bound hardcover; embossed, linoleum cut.
Maurer, Gail [untitled]
1980-9 Accordion folded handmade spice paper; linoleum cuts. Dated 1988.
McKenna, Megan Riverbed
2000-1 Hand printed and silkscreen images.
Meyer, Alexandra Alicia and the Pirates
1992-3 Story with illustration hand colored with ink and prismacolor; paper wrappers, illustrated cover.
Millhauser, John Passport Bom Dia Press 1994-5 Linoleum cuts, letterpress, handmade paper, color photocopy.
Nguyen, Angella Doing Laundry Angell 428 Press 1998-9 Pop-up. “Conceived after a phone call from my mom reminding me to...do my laundry.”
Paiz, Celina The Terror
2002-3 Accordion; pop-up; opens 360 degrees into a circus tent. Black and white striped boards secured with red thread.
Peterson, Dania Circus!
2002-3 Accordion; pop-up; hand colored and illustrated in paint, ink and pencil.
Potter, Jeff e by pi
2000-1 Text by Jeff Miller. Miniature; glass and paper in a wooden stand.
Q[...] , Margaret T[...] [untitled]
1992-3 Illegible signature. Embossed book of handmade papers in a wrapper; inspired by early 20th century American Arts and Crafts movement.
Russell, Becky The Fables of Aesop
1990-1 Original illustrations; text by Jack Kent. Handmade paper; cloth covered boards.
Saetveit, Laura Dawn
2002-3 Accordion; pop-up; hand lettered on colored papers and vellum; tied with white ribbon, housed in tan box. Text by Teika, translated by Earl Miner.
Sanders, Brittany Stars
1998-9 Pop-up, collage, accordion-fold; words by Wallace Stegner.
Sherlock, Blake Wonderings
undated Pulp paper paintings bound in paper over board.
Simon, Arlyn Eve Time flies through the world. - Lucretius and the word
1980-9 Text with cut-outs housed in handmade box. 1988
Sonn, Sonia Text 12.99 1998-9 Sandpaper wire mesh, laminated color xerox, wire.
Stackwell, Vesper Strangeest show on earth
2002-3 Accordion; pop-up; high quality color photocopy and construction paper; removable spine.
Stefano, Michelle Woman Apt. 6 Productions 2000-1 Poem by Charles Bukowski; fishnet over wood covers.
Stewart, Jennifer Vista pickled press undated Accordion folded; linoleum prints, collage.
Stewart, Jennifer To Travel Is Better Than To Arrive Pickled Press 1996-7 Accordion pop-up; ink handwriting, postage stamps; paper covered board.
Stewart, Jennifer Search for Delicious Pickled Press 1998-9 Cut-outs, ink drawing; double opening book housed in unique frame resembling a latticed window.
Stubbs, Abigail The Raven
2000-1 Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven. Stitched fascicles housed in cut out slip cover; laser printed; cut-outs sewn in.
Tam, Pui Ling “second, third age...” Dumpling Press 2000-1 Paper and vellum sheets; silkscreen and inkless letterpress; unpaginated; housed in corrugated cardboard box.
Tam, Pui Ling Notes on Gloucester (II) Dumpling Press 2000-1 Text by Jason Tarricone. Miniature; accordion folded.
Tam, Pui-Ling Transparencies b/t press 1998-9 Pop-up; accordion-fold.
Teich, Kevin Filling the Space Between Words 2am Press 1998-9 Text by Jen Kosloski. Photographic collages and text on illustrated paper.
Teich, Kevin Quixote Visions: James Schevill 2am press 1998-9 Text by James Schevill. Two-signature, hardcover book.
Teich, Kevin Outside 2am Press 1996-7 Paper sculpture with text suspended within a wire frame box made of coathangers.
Teich, Kevin Process 2am Press 1996-7 Letterpress, linoleum prints, paper covered board.
Theroux, Jessica Slim Jim and His Heirloom Tomatoes
2002-3 Accordion; pop-up; color photocopy. Cover shaped like a tomato.
Tracy, Sarah Beyond Coffee Obsessive Press 1992-3 Recipes; ink drawings and handmade paper.
Treadwell, Hilary The Clockwork of Autumn indigo press 1998-9 Pop-up, ink drawing and original poetry.
Treadwell, Hilary Love Story indigo press 1998-9 Sewn velvet, flannel, cotton; illustrations transferred from linocuts to plastic negatives onto fabric, machine and hand sewn.
Treadwell, Hilary Memory/ Tissue Paper Indigo Press 2000-1 Accordion like fold; miniature.
[unsigned] Jigsawed
2000-1 Pop-up imaginary bestiary; accordion folded; colored pencil, pen, and printer generated text.
Vicenti, Camille Which Way to Go fourways press 1996-7 Pop-up; housed in folding cloth covered box; construction sheets, hand made papers, prismacolor markers.
Vicenti, Camille Heaven’s-Gate Mountain by Li Po. Translated by David Hinton fourways press 1996-7 Handmade papers: tableau, white and blue india silk, lace ogura, letterpress, linoleum prints; paper and cloth over board wrappers.
Von Mertens, Anna Red PenUltimate Press undated Handmade paper; original poetry.
Voytek, Sarah Cloud Nine wanderlust press 1998-9 Pop-up; accordion-fold.
Walker, Maria Ain’t. Inspired by Bill Wither’s Ain’t No Sunshine. Mook Press 1998-9 Pop-up; accordion-fold; removable spine.
Wanning, Molly Creating Sin
1996-7 Text by Dindy Royster; book open like a sunburst; letterpress, cloth covered board.
Wanning, Molly Daffodils by William Wordsworth Colina Azul Press 1996-7 Letterpress, woodcuts, handmade paper; housed in linen covered box.
Wells, Erin The Authenticated Fragments Purple Fig Press 1994-5 Collage, letterpress on handmade paper.
Wells, Erin The Death of Kings Purple Fig Press 1996-7 Soliloquy from Shakespeare’s Richard II; fine handmade paper, letterpress, woodcuts; signature stitched into cloth covered board.
Wells, Erin What is Success? A definition by Ralph Waldo Emerson Purple Fig Press 1996-7 Letterpress and woodcuts; housed in linen clothed covered box; From colophon: “words that I spoke at my high school graduation.... hand printed...on Stonehenge paper.”
Won, Hwang Sun A Passing Rain Frog and Orchid Press 1994-5 Bilingual text Korean/English; handwritten in india ink, then reproduced. walnut shell in cover.
Wright, Caroline Getting Dressed
2002-3 Acordion; pop-up; “made with Adobe Photoshop and many, many materials.” Secured with ribbion, button and velcro.
Yokoo, Kureha Circus peanut press 1994-5 Pop-up; Canson Mi-Tientes, Bristol, and handmade papers.
Yuann, Kevin Darrick Beginning Press of the Lips 1998-9 Pop-up, accordion folded, maps. Canford card and parchment tracing paper. “The images...are from The New York Times Atlas of the World.”
Yuann, Kevin Darrick XII Lightness and Weight Press 2000-1 Wood and paper folding screen; accordion folded.
Zanoni, Mollie Neptune’s Dream
2002-3 Accordion; pop-up; hand colored with crayon.
Zanoni, Mollie Hieroglyph Empty Boxcar Press 2002-3 Pulp-painted handmade paper; hand stitched accordion fold.

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