QUARTER 1 (1878 - 1909)

Brown's First Team - 1878
Manager Malcom in Street Clothes
The season opened and closed with Amherst.


Cartoon Depiction of Brown's First Game - 1878


John W. Heisman 1891, for whom the Heisman Trophy is named


Football on Lincoln Field in the 1890s as drawn by John McLaughry 1940. McLaughry, a talented artist, was an All-American football player who later coached at Brown from 1959 through 1966.


Brown's "Andover Boys"
Donovan, Hopkins, and Millard - 1893


Edward N. Robinson, 1896, was a Walter Camp All-American. After graduation, he coached 24 Brown teams, including the 1915 team, which played in the First Annual Tournament of Roses. The Brown sports collection was named in his honor in 1943.


Football Pageantry
(left to right) Everett Colby 1897, Dave Fultz 1898, Charles McCarthy 1896, Edward N. Robinson 1896
This group was instrumental in the famous 6-6 "win" over Yale in 1895.


Early equipment offered little real protection in a brutal game. Noseguard was held by a rawhide string and clenched between the teeth.


1898 Athletic Association letter offering coaching job to John Emery for $100, with the stipulation that he was to accompany the team on all of its trips.


Dave Fultz 1898 - Walter Camp Second Team All-American


Athetic Association Ticket Book - 1899


Brown's First Intersectional Game - 1899. The University of Chicago became a charter member of the Big Ten Conference in 1896.


Generic football poster, 1902.


Brown's first mascot, a burro, shown grazing on the College Green. The animal appeared at the Harvard game in 1902 but displayed little aptitude as a mascot.


Decorative leather pillow cover, circa 1900.


Postcard of 1904 Brown-Dartmouth Game played at the American League Grounds in Boston. The Brown-Dartmouth rivalry was second only to Harvard-Yale in importance until athletic relations with Dartmouth were severed in 1907 because of a baseball game controversy. The football teams did not play again until 1917.


Gus Russ 1906, Brown's Captain in 1905, scored 5 TD's vs. Vermont


Helen, Brown's first live bear mascot at the 1905 Dartmouth game in Springfield.


Herbert Ayler 1911 (front row, third from left) a lineman from nearby Newport, was the first black to start for a Brown eleven.


1908 Letter of invitation to pre-season training at his New Bedford Farm, signed by Coach Daff Gammons 1898.


Football inspired many Brown fight songs at the beginning of the 20th century.