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Essential Links

Encyclopedia Brunoniana Online

The History of Special Collections at Brown University

Harris Collection of American Poetry and Plays
       Research Guide (under construction)

Online Exhibitions

Forty Years of Burning Deck Press
An exhibit of materials from the Burning Deck Archive
and the Harris Collection of American Poetry & Plays

Imamu Amiri Baraka
An Exhibition from the Collections of the John Hay Library

The Night Before Christmas
Selections from the Harris Collection of American Poetry & Plays

Dreams of the Past
19th Century Color Lithographic Sheet Music Covers

Carriers' Addresses in Nineteenth Century America
Selected from the Harris Broadsides Collection

The Quintessential G.B.S.
Selections from the Sidney P. Albert - George Bernard Shaw Collection

Collections Information

Broadsides Collection

Manuscripts Collection

Brown University Archives

St. Martin's Press Archives
Bibliofile, no. 30, Spring, 1998

List of Titles: St. Martin's Press Archive

Michael J. Ciaraldi Collection
Bibliofile, no. 29, Fall, 1997

The Michael J. Ciaraldi Collection of Comic Books and Comic Art
(Josiah Record)

The John Preston Archive
Bibliofile, no. 26, Spriing, 1996

Treasures of the Evergreens: The Dickinson/Bianchi Collection
Bibliofile, no. 25, Fall, 1995

The Shadow Out of Time: An H. P. Lovecraft Manuscript
Bibliofile, no. 24, Spring, 1995

Contemporary Fine Printing in the John Hay Library
Among Friends, Vol. 11, no. 2, Winter, 1996

Lucy Truman Aldrich Collection of Rare Illustrated Children's Books
(Josiah Record)

Richard G. Katzoff Collection
(Josiah Record)

George Orwell Materials at Brown University Library

Three for Three Million:
Fireworks, Mexican History, Digital Reference Collections, 1997

Digital Projects

African-American Sheet Music 1850-1920
From the Collections of Brown University Library
American Memory, Library of Congress

Gay Men's Pulp Fiction

Early Literary Collections:
The Williams Table & the 1973 Catalog
Early 19th Century Collections:
The 1826 Catalog
Mid 19th Century Collections:
Charles Coffin Jewett & the Catalogue of 1843
The Harris Collection:
The Original Collectors
The Harris Collection &
Late 19th Century Literary Collecting
The Harris Collection:
Harry Lyman Koopman
The Harris Collection:
S. Foster Damon
Contemporary Collecting:
Building on the Past
Leaves of an Hour

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