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In a double exposure, Dr. Frederick Marvel (Class of 1894), first director of intercollegiate athletics at Brown, looks on while he gives directions to a workman on the preparation of the track.

Frank Herrick, who was hired in about 1906 to give wrestling lessons to students two days a week, retired from professional wrestling and remained to coach at Brown until 1932. A depiction of his arm can still be seen on boxes of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda.

DeOrmond "Tuss" McLaughry, football coach 1926-1940. With his son John McLaughry, coach 1959, shown with Colgate coach Andy Kerr.

Joe Watmough, swimming, 1943-1971.

Weeb Ewbank, better known for later coaching the Baltimore Colts and the New York Jets to league championships, as basketball coach at Brown, 1946-47 with Francis "Moe" Mahoney '50.

Ralph Anderton, wrestling, 1946-1963, with Peter Howard '58.


Hockey coaches Wes Moulton, 1947-1952, Don Whiston, 1953-1955, and Jim Fullerton, 1956-1970.

Rip Engle with co-captains John Scott and Joe Paterno in 1949. Paterno became Engle's assistant coach at Penn State. The rest is history.

Wilfred "Lefty" Lefebrve, baseball, 1949-1963, with Harry Josephson '55.

Stan Ward, basketball, 1954-1969, with Mike Cingiser, coach 1981-1991.

Cliff Stevenson, soccer and lacrosse, 1960-1990.


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