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David Hall '01, captain of the track team for three years, finished third in the 800-metres in the 1900 Olympics, after an unforunate accident in which the runner who ultimately finished second stepped on Hall's heel, tearing off his shoe during the race.

Men's basketball began in 1901. Allan Halladay's cartoon attests to its early disorganized existance. Captain Don Pryor '08, at left, was the star player whose single game record of 34 points was unbroken until 1938.


Brown’s first winning season in basketball came in 1905 with a 12-6 record and Brown’s first victory over Dartmouth, 18-17, in a game in which Oscar Rackle scored 16 points.
Number 2 in the Murad College Series of sports cards, obtainable for fifteen coupons from Murad cigarettes.


Line-up, Brown University at New Haven, November 5, 1910. 
Brown vs. Yale, 21 -0


Wally Snell '13 played for the Red Sox in the summer of 1913.




The 3,000-metres relay winners at the 1912 Olympics, including Norman Taber '13, number 746.



Football, 1915


Fritz Pollard '19 was the first black backfield All-American.


Brown vs. Washington State in the Rose Bowl, 1916.


Rose Bowl Poster






In Brown's first win against Harvard in 1916, the Brown Bear chases John Harvard off the field. Cartoon by Charles Donelan.


Section from a panoramic photograph of Harvard Stadium.


Brown 21 - Harvard 0
November 18, 1916
The game ball




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