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The baseball diamond on Lincoln Field was laid out in 1880 at the corner of Thayer and Waterman Streets.

Lyman Gymnasium, built in 1891.

Interior, Lyman Gymnasium.

Andrews Field, located between Camp and Ivy Streets, opened in 1899.

Colgate Hoyt Pool, built in 1903 adjoining Lyman Gym, had coffin-shaped corners at its east end, which mean that with only two lanes available, competitions consisted of multiple heats and the placing of swimmers by stop-watch verdicts.

Marston Field House at Andrews Field was built in 1907.

Sayles Gymnasium, built in 1907.

Interior, Sayles Gymnasium at the Women's College.

Marvel Gymnasium was built in 1927. The Bronze Bruno statue was placed in front of the building, and the clock in the tower was designed with the usual numerals replaced by A-L-D-R-I-C-H-F-I-E-L-D.

Aldrich Field on Elmgrove Avenue, dedicated on May 16, 1929 at a game with Dartmouth.

The Brown Boat House, purchased in 1937 from the Narragansett Yacht Club.

Stadium with detail: the bear's head at the four corners of the stadium.

Meehan Auditorium, built in 1961.


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