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Uniform of the Class of 1872 team, which in 1869 as freshmen took a tour to play five other teams. This uniform belonged to Adams P. Carroll of the Class of 1871, who, though not a member of the team, accompanied them in order to draw a series of pictures of the events of the journey.

Olympic uniform of John Collier '29, third in the 110-metre high hurdles in 1928.

Athletic uniform of Verna Follett (Spaeth), Class of 1930. The affixed letters attest to her prowess in Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Fieldball, Fistball, Pyramids, and Apparatus, all of which added up to the acquisition of the 1600 athletic points which entitled her to wear the white blazer with the "P" for Pembroke.

Swimsuit of Arlene Rome, Class of 1943.

Gym Uniform of Nancy Luther, Class of 1930.

1872 baseball team cap.

Brown '72 vs. Brown '73, game ball and mitt.

Athletic padding

The Pembroke blazer

Nose guard, "Patented Sept. 23, 1891"

Checkers used for illustrating football plays 

Men's Ultimate Frisbee, 2001


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