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Early football as depicted by Charles K. Stillman '00.

The 1895 team, Robinson in center of the back row.

Everett Colby '97, D. Fultz '98, Chris McCarthy '96, and E.N. Robinson '96.

1895 game ball

This plaque commemorating Brown's 6-6 tie with Yale in 1895 was provided by F. D. Stidham, Class of 1891, and was hung in Lyman Gymnasium. It marked the first time that Brown had scored any points against Yale. The Brown team did not defeat Yale until 1910.

1895 Yale game ball

Brown vs. Dartmouth, November 28, 1895

E.N. Robinson, Class of 1896, had an extensive coaching career.

University of Nebraska: 1896-97; Brown University: 1898-1901; University of Maine: 1902; Exeter Academy: 1903; Brown University: 1904-07; Tufts College: 1909; Brown University: 1910-1925; Boston University: 1926-29; Providence Steam Roller: 1931-34

E.N. Robinson.

A Conference on Inter-Collegiate Athletics was held at Brown on February 18, 1898. The participants, summoned by Professor Wilfred Munro of Brown for the purpose of discussing intercollegiate contests and the objectionable features thereof, represented seven eastern colleges, all of the present Ivy League Colleges except Yale, where Walter Camp took exception to faculty rule of athletics. The recommendations of the Conference Committee met with opposition and were not adopted.

November 1, 1943. The Edward North Robinson Collection is established as Robinson receives the game ball for the 1906 Brown-Dartmouth game from team manager John Murdock.


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