Brown Sports Trivia Quiz

1. Name two women Olympic swimmers:
Celese Griffin and Florence Sayward
Albina Osipowich and Helen Johns
Kate Flynn and Nancy Fuld
Arlene Gorton and Bessie Rudd

2. Name the Brown man who pitched the first perfect professional game:
Wally Snell
Walt Jusczyk
Hal Neubauer
J. Lee Richmond

3. Name a goaltender on the 1952 U.S. Olympic hockey team:
Ernie Savignano
Don Whiston
Irving Hunt
Curt Bennett

4. Name the first Brown Bear mascot:

5. Name the wrestling coach whose arm advertises Arm & Hammer baking soda:
Ralph Anderton
Frank Herrick
Joe Watmough
Lefty Lefebrve

6. Name a Brown basketball coach who coached in the NFL: Cliff Stevenson
Tuss McLaughry
Weeb Ewbank
Joe Paterno