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Photocopy Fee Schedule: 
Please note:  Large or complicated orders may incur an additional preparation fee of $15.00 per 100 pages.
On-Site Users:
Photocopies $0.085/page
Brown or Debit Card
Copies from manuscripts $0.085/page
Brown or Debit Card
Copies from microforms $0.20/page Card/Cash/Check
Color photocopies

Off-Site Users:
Photocopies $0.20/page + Postage & handling
Copies from microforms $0.40/page + Postage & handling
Copies from manuscripts $0.40/page + Postage & handling
Color photocopies
+ Postage & handling

Postage & Handling:

1 - 5 pages $3.00
6 - 25 pages $4.00
26 50 pages $5.00
51 - 75 pages $6.00
76 - 100 pages $7.00
Each additional 100 pages $5.00
International surcharge $5.00

Microfilm Fee Schedule:
Please note: It takes 8-10 weeks to microfilm a title and 2-3 weeks to duplicate an existing microfilm reel.


Per opening (usually 2 facing pages) $0.30
Minimum charge for up to 165 frames
(or 330 normal-sized pages)
Positive microfilm from existing negative $40.00/reel
These fees include postage to U.S. destinations.
International surcharge: $5.00

Note: It is possible to convert microfilm into paper copy through the 'copyflo' process which is available at these New England Companies:
Microimage III, 196A Elm Street, Everett. MA 02149; 617-394-0036
OmniSys Corp., 211 Second Avenue, Waltham, MA 02154; 508-684-1234

Photography Fee Schedule:

Traditional Formats.  The library utilizes the services of several local photographers to provide publication quality reproductions in traditional photographic formats (black & white glossies, color transparencies, slides). Fees vary depending on the nature of the material, the chosen photographer's fee schedule and the desired turnaround time.  Normal turnaround time is 6-12 weeks.  Rush service may be available for a 100% surcharge.

Digital Images.  The library is able to provide publication quality high resolution digital images for material which can safely be placed on a flatbed scanner (loose prints, covers, other flat materials).  Digital images in 1:4 JPEG format shot with a digital camera at 1600x1200 pixels can be provided for materials which cannot safely be placed on a scanner.  We are not able at this time to provide higher quality digital camera images. Images are delivered on a zip disk or CD-ROM; images under 10MB may be e-mailed.  Members of the Brown community are not charged for 5 digital images; the charge for other users is $10.00 per image.  Charges for storage media (zip disks, CDs) are additional.  Please fill out our Request for Digital Imaging to use this service.

All photographic orders must be approved by a member of the curatorial staff or the Coordinator of Reader Services. Choice of photographer is at the discretion of the library. The Library retains all negatives; color transparencies remain the property of the library and must be returned after use. 

With the approval of curatorial staff and completion of an Application to Reproduce Manuscript / Non-Manuscript Material, a personal camera may be used under library supervision; a simple copy stand is available upon request.

Publication Fee Schedule:
An Application to Publish Special Collections Material must be completed and approved if reproductions are to be published in any format.  See: Reproduction and Publication of Special Collections Material.

Publication Fees:

Non-profit/Scholarly use

No charge

Commercial Use

First image


Additional images, same order




Facsimile publication

Fee negotiable
$100.00 minimum/facsimile

Use in electronic format

Fee negotiable
$50.00 minimum/image

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