"Stow Wengenroth at Work"  Etching by Keith Shaw Williams


About the Collection
The American lithographer, Stow Wengenroth (1906-1978), perfected the art of transferring a drawing to a smoothed limestone surface to convey both the texture of the natural world and subtleties of atmosphere and mood.  The settings for Wengenroth's lithographs are drawn from natural and inhabited landscapes in Maine, Cape Ann, Massachusetts and other locations in the northeast.

Of the 369 lithographs produced by Wengenroth during his lifetime, 367 were collected and generously donated to the Brown University Library by Lyman G. Bloomingdale, Class of 1935, along with over 40 of Wengenroth's original dry-brush drawings.

Untitled (No. 351)  Inscribed:
"To Lyman Bloomingdale for 
his years of loyal interest..."


Harbor Light (No. 48), Annisquam, Massachusetts. November, 1934. Lithograph
The Library also holds the original dry-brush drawing.


Original Dry-Brush Drawings in the John Hay Library:
  • Along the Delaware (#185)
  • Barred Owl (#277)
  • Bufflehead (#312)
  • Butterfly (#322)
  • Conversation Piece (#252)
  • Downy Woodpeckers (#225)
  • Flat Rock Cove (#339)
  • Dusk (# 121)
  • From the Weather Bureau (#176)
  • Greenport, 8 pm (#211)
  • Harbor Light (#48)
  • Her Majesty (#361)
  • Home Port (#59)
  • Inner Harbor (#329)
  • Lock House (#118)
  • Long Island Marshes (#210)
  • Maine Fog (#264)
  • Manhattan Gateway (#176)
  • May Morning (#240)
  • Morning Light (#357)
  • The Moth (#347)
  • New Castle, Delaware (#269)
  • New England Green (#140)
  • Old Barn (not in catalog)
  • Quiet Harbor (#335)
  • The River (#61)
  • River's Edge (#288)
  • Road to the Sea (#96)
  • Roadside Garden (#298)
  • Sally Islands (#217)
  • Serenity (#199)
  • Shadow of the Elm (#153)
  • Summer Shadows (#171)
  • Sunlit Forest (#113)
  • Untamed (#159)
  • Wind-swept (#313)
  • Winter Visitor (#300)
  • Untamed (#159)
  • 12 Drawings for Carl Carmer's "Susquehanna"

Morning Light (No.357). Lanesville, MA, February 1974. Lithograph
The Library also holds the original dry-brush drawing.

Wengenroth on Lithography:
  • Making a lithograph, London, The Studio, limited; New York, Studio Publications, Inc., 1936 NE2430 W4 (Rock & Hay)
  • "How to ook at lithographs" in London Studio 13, June 1937
  • "Lithography vs. lithography" in Print Collector's Quarterly, 1937 NE1 P5 (Rock)
  • "Four lithographs" in: American Artist, March 1949 1-SIZE N81 .A6 (Rock)
  • "George C. Miller, Master Printer," in American Artist, May, 1966 1-SIZE N81 .A6 (Rock)
  • "Crayon lithography," in The Art of the Print by Fritz Eichenberg. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1976 NE400 E32 (Rock & Hay)

Wengenroth Book Illustrations:

  • Ackley, Edith Flack. Silverpoint. Decorations by Stow Wengenroth, [New York]: Kingsland Press, [c1932]  1926 AC58 Harris Collection (Hay)
  • Carmer, Carl.  The Hudson,  New York : Farrar & Rinehart, c1939.F127 H8 C3 (Rock & Hay)
  • Carmer, Carl. The Susquehanna, New York, Rinehart [1955] F157 S8 C2
  • Hawthorne, Nathaniel. The House of the Seven Gables, Barre, Mass., Imprint Society [1970] PS1861 A1 1970 (Hay)

Lower Fifth Avenue (No. 256), New York, New York. May, 1959. Lithograph 


Research Resources at Brown:

  • The lithographs of Stow Wengenroth, 1931-1972 by Ronald and Joan Stuckey ; with essays by Albert Reese, Sinclair Hitchings, and Paul Swenson ; and a foreword by Philip J. McNiff. [Boston] : Boston Public Library in co-operation with Barre Publishers, c1974.
    1-SIZE NE2312 W38 S78 1974  (Rock & Hay)

  • Stow Wengenroth's lithographs : a supplement by Ronald and Joan Stuckey ; with an essay by Albert Reese Huntington, N.Y. : Black Oak Publications, 1982 1-SIZE NE2312.W43 S78 Suppl

The Stuckney catalog and supplement are meticulously executed illustrated catalogs of the entire corpus of Wengenroth's lithographs.  The catalogs include essays, printing and publication notes, lists of exhibitions, awards, memberships, a bibliography of works by, about, and illustrated by Wengenroth, and a list of permanent museum collections.

Her Majesty (No. 361), Noank, Connecticut, April, 1975. Lithograph
The Library also holds the original dry-brush drawing.


Internet Resources:

Other Wengenroth Collections:

Maine Woods (No. 282). Ogunquit, Maine. January, 1963. Lithograph

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