Focus on the Collections, Number 8
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Remains of a Medieval Italian Antiphonal

The Eighteen Leaves of A28904 in the Annmary Brown Collection
Project by Laura Saetveit, Class of 2003

As a final project for Professor Elizabeth Bryan's Medieval Manuscript Studies course (EL136), Laura Saetveit elected to examine a set of manuscript leaves in the Annmary Brown Collection at the John Hay Library. Laura, who worked as a student assistant in the John Hay Library, learned of the existence of these leaves in conversations with library staff. Her paper provides the first identification of the liturgical text of these leaves and a preliminary analysis of the manuscript's characteristics and provenance.

This paper is published in the continuing series, Focus on the Collections, which offers fresh perspectives on items in the Library's collections. Like the previous installment on cuneiform tablets, this issue is the fruit of original research by an undergraduate. Laura Saetveit's paper brings to light a little-known set of manuscript leaves and offers a vivid glimpse of the religious ritual, music, art and scribal culture of medieval Italy.

NOTE: High-resolution images of these leaves will soon be available for study via the Library's LUNA imaging software.

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