The History of Special Collections at Brown University
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arrowCollege Edifice

arrowMetcalf Collection
arrowMid-19th Century

arrowThomas Nast
arrowWorld War I 
& the 1920's

Miracles.jpg (37509 bytes)
arrowMiracles of Mary
arrow1950 to 1970

arrowThe First Book
arrowColonial Period

arrowRobinson Hall
arrowLate 19th Century

Napoleon.gif (112148 bytes)
arrowWorld War I 
& the 1920's

Audubon.jpg (34239 bytes)
arrowThe 1970's

arrowWilliams Table
arrowLate 18th Century

arrowThe Kammavaca
arrowLate 19th Century

Lincoln.gif (89260 bytes)
arrowLincoln by Baumgras
arrowThe 1930's & 
World War II

shakespeare.jpg (51232 bytes)
arrowThe First Folio
arrowThe 1970's

arrowLate 18th Century

henryad.jpg (26710 bytes)
arrowHenry Adams
arrowTurn of the Century

Stamps.jpg (42549 bytes)
arrowStamp Collections
arrowThe 1930's &
World War II

Lownes.jpg (16617 bytes)
arrowLownes Room
arrowThe 1980's

arrowManning Hall
arrowEarly 19th Century

reading.jpg (18171 bytes)
arrowReading Room
arrowTurn of the Century

Whaling.jpg (33822 bytes)
arrowMorse Whaling
arrow1950 to 1970

Johnhay.jpg (26630 bytes)
arrowJohn Hay by Sargent
The 1980's

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Samuel A. Streit, Associate University Librarian for Special Collections
Excerpted from:  Special Collections at Brown University: A History and Guide
Providence, Rhode Island: The Friends of the Library of Brown University, 1988
Funding provided by Daniel G. Siegel (Class of 1957), and the Twenty-First Century Fund

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