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Reproduction and Publication of Special Collections Material

Pilot Project on Self-Copying of Plays in the Harris Collection.

These procedures are for copying or otherwise making available play texts under copyright in the Harris Collection of American Poetry and Plays requested by Brown ID holders. They do not apply to any other materials in the John Hay Library. The pilot project will run from April through August, 2006.

1. User fills out form Application to Reproduce Non-Manuscript Material and submits it to Reader's Services at the John Hay Library.

2. Form reviewed by Reader's Services staff


a. Amount requested is 10 % or less AND work is in copyable condition*: Reader's Services will make the photocopy, as usual.

b. Amount requested is over 10%: Reader's Services staff will check for AVAILABLE circulating copy at the Rockefeller or Orwig Libraries. User may use the Library Paging Service to have material retrieved. If no available copy exists at Rock/Orwig, go to step 3.

3. If:

a. No copy is AVAILABLE at the Rock/ Orwig AND the Harris copy is in copyable condition: go to step 4

b. No copy is available at the Rock/Orwig AND the Harris copy is NOT in copyable condition: go to step 5.

4. Reader's Services staff will escort the user with book and form to the Archives work room, where a copier is available. It is the user's responsibility to conform to copyright restrictions. The book is left in Archives until retrieved by Reader's Services. The monitor in Archives will call Reader's Services about the number of copies made to calculate total charge. The copier in Archives had a "book minder" edge: pages are to be copied one at a time; double-page copying is not permitted

5. If no copy is available at the Rockefeller or Orwig, and the Harris copy is not in copyable condition, Reader's Services staff will check for ILL availability within user's needed time frame.

If no copy is available through ILL, or is unavailable within user's time frame, go to step 6.

6. Reader's Services staff will refer the user to Rosemary Cullen, curator of the Harris Collection, who will search for a copy of the work that may be purchased and made available to the user within the user's time frame.

If none exists go to step 7.

7. As a last resort, the Library will offer, through the Center for Digital Initiatives, a digital copy of the work in question. ($1 per page, plus student time costs.).

*Note: Determination of copyable condition is made by Reader's Services staff, using the same standards that are used for all copying requests; standards employed for this pilot project are neither more nor less stringent.

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