Four large pieces of marble from the John Hay Library's original steps are now used as garden stepping stones in Westchester County, New York. Two "Hunks of the Hay" grace a rock garden in Lawrence, Kansas. A more-or-less matched pair of marble chunks serve as bookends in a Jamestown, Rhode Island home. And, at least one member of the Friends found a paper-weight-sized piece of marble in her Christmas stocking.

The Friends sale of pieces of the old, worn marble steps, replaced by the University last fall, has netted more than $2,300 to date. Members of the Friends and other Brown Alumni/ae have bought marble chunks for themselves and as gifts for children, spouses, parents and friends who are Brown alums.

Many have sent in notes and letters with their orders, reminiscing about the Library and the old, concave marble treads of the steps, worn down by more than eight decades of student, faculty and friends footsteps:
"I ran up and down those great steps many times between 1946 and 1950."

"I have many fond memories of trips to the Hay for both study and social reasons."

"I met my bride to be at the John Hay Library."

"We courted and ultimately got engaged and married thanks to studying and "breaking" on the J. Hay steps!"

"Those steps which I and so many others trod -- quel nostalgia! And what great memories!"

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