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Library Access and Use

Welcome to the Brown University Library! Whenever coming to the Library, be sure to bring your Brown ID card, as it is required for library admittance and book checkout. Swipe your ID through the card reader at the entrance of the Rockefeller and Sciences Libraries, and present it at the Circulation desk for book checkout. NOTE: All ID cards are non-transferable, and may be used only by the person named on the card, who is responsible for the card's safe-keeping and use.

Smoking and food are prohibited from all library buildings. Beverages are permitted, as long as they are in tightly covered, spill-resistant containers. No food or drink is permitted near any computer equipment.

To protect the library's collections, please use material with care, do not write in books, keep them dry, and refrain from using self-stick notes. Also, be aware that damage, concealment, or theft of library materials is prohibited by the University and the Library, and also by Rhode Island State law.

Locating Materials

Library Holdings and Links to Electronic Publications.arrow image to a link Josiah, the Brown Library Online Catalog, provides information about material in Brown's collections (including books, periodicals, scores, sound recordings, videos) as well as thousands of electronic publications. Computers for accessing Josiah are located near the Reference areas in all libraries, and on many stack floors of the Rockefeller and Sciences Libraries.arrow image to a linkJosiah can also be accessed on the web at:arrow image to a link

Make a note of the location and exact call number of the material you wish to use. If the item you want is listed as "checked out" or "in transit" you may place a hold and recall it at the Circulation desk (or by calling 863-2165). If it is "in process" or "on order" you may request notification by filling out the electronic form: arrow image to a link

Book Stacks. Rockefeller, Sciences, Demography, and Orwig are open-stack, self-service libraries, with books arranged according to the Library of Congress call number system. Check the building's stack directory near the elevator (or on the web at):arrow image to a link to determine the floor for the call number you want. Then consult the map on that floor to locate the specific range. If you can't find what you want, please ask a staff member for assistance.

Course Reserves. Faculty may place required readings on course reserve at Rockefeller (level 2), Sciences (lobby), Orwig, Demography and/or John Hay Libraries. Items on reserve can be viewed by selecting "Reserve Lists" on Josiah. Course Reserve items have restricted loan periods, usually 3 hours, and overdue fines of 50 cents per hour. For more information call 863-2517 or see the reserve web page:arrow image to a link

Government Documents. Not all government documents are listed in Josiah. Assistance in identifying and locating government publications can be obtained in the Reference area at the Rockefeller Library.

arrow image to a linkMicroforms. Microfilm and microfiche, with appropriate readers and printers, are located in the Hecker Center and the Periodicals Reading Room on Rock Level 1, and on Level A of the Sciences Library.

arrow image to a linkPeriodicals. Current periodicals are shelved in call number order in the Periodicals Reading Room on level 1 of the Rock, on Level A of the Sci Li, and in the Orwig Reading Room. Older volumes are in the book stacks according to call number. Note that most periodicals are restricted to in-library use only.

Photocopying. Self-service photocopiers at the Rock are on level 2 and in the Periodical Reading Room; at Sciences they are in the Lobby and on several stack floors; there is one copier in the Orwig reading room. A color copying service is provided by the Circulation/Reserves staff at the Rockefeller Library. Library users are responsible for insuring that copying complies with U.S. copyright laws. Change Machines are located near the Circulation desks of the Rock and Sci Li.

Reference, Information and Library Instruction. Reference assistance is available most hours that the libraries are open. The reference area is located on Level 1 in the Rock and on Level A in Sciences. The print and electronic reference collections, including dictionaries, encyclopedias, indexes and directories, are located nearby. Many resources can be accessed from the library research center web site: arrow image to a link For telephone assistance, call 401-863-2167 (Rockefeller Reference) or 401-863-3333 (Sciences Reference).

Borrowing Library Material

Check Out and Assistance. Bring material you wish to borrow, and your ID, to the Circulation Desk near the library entrance. The Circulation staff can also assist by doing "searches" for books that are not on the shelves and by "recalling" books checked-out to someone else.

Restricted Circulation. Circulation rules vary for some formats and locations. Most periodicals, reference material and recordings are non-circulating. Large art books may be checked out for two weeks by Brown faculty and grad students, but are non-circulating to others.

Normal Loan Periods on regular Brown Library materials: Graduate students have two loan periods: academic year and summer loan. For undergraduate students, univeristy staff and non-Brown ID holders, books borrowed in one month are due on the last day of the following month. Brown faculty loans are due each year on September 30. Most material is renewable online at:

Library Charges

No daily fines for regular overdue materials.

Fine for overdue recalled material: $1.00 per day.

Fine for overdue course reserve material: $0.50 per hour.

Replacement charge for lost library material: $150. Library material that is more than 30 days overdue will prompt a JOSIAH bill for $150 per item ($125 for the material + $25 processing fee). If the bill is not addressed promptly, the charge is sent to the University's Office of the Bursar for collection and the $25 processing fee is retained when the billed item is returned.

Other Library Services & Facilities

Accessibility. Rockefeller, Sciences, and Orwig Libraries are wheelchair accessible. Circulation staff in all libraries can retrieve materials and provide other special services as required for individuals with physical limitations. A reader for the visually impaired is available in the Hecker Center of the Rock.

Carrels. Brown students writing a dissertation or thesis, and Brown faculty members, may apply in the Circulation office for the use of a study carrel in the Rockefeller, Sciences or Orwig Library. Library material may be checked out to the carrel on long-term loan, for use in the library only. For information on the few Faculty Studies, contact Library Administration at the Rock (863-2162) or Sci Li (863-2405).

Computers. Computer clusters, featuring the electronic Library Research Center, are located near the reference desk of each library, and library staff is usually nearby to help. Computing and Information Services provides computers on level 2 of the Rock, and on the Mezzanine of Sciences; a registered Brown University "net ID" is required. Carrels for laptop use are in the Hecker Center, Rock level 1.

If We Don't Have What You Need. If Brown does not own material that you need, you may request it on Interlibrary Loan:arrow image to a link

Brown’s membership in the arrow image to a linkBoston Library Consortium (BLC) includes onsite use and borrowing for Brown ID holders; for more information contact Rockefeller Circulation or see. Through our membership in the arrow image to a linkConsortium of Rhode Island Academic and Research Libraries (CRIARL), Brown faculty may arrange for borrowing privileges.

For more information on these, and other library agreements, contact Rockefeller Circulation, Reference, or the arrow image to a linkCatalogs web page: arrow image to a link

Contact: arrow image to a link / 401-863-2165
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