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Access to Library Buildings: Rockefeller and Sciences Libraries

The Rockefeller and Sciences Libraries are limited-access facilities. Therefore, every person must show proper authorization in order to enter them. Access priviliges for the Rockefeller and Sciences Libraries include in-library use of books and journals in open stack collections, current periodicals, newspapers, microfilms, government documents, maps, photocopiers, and reference collections.

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How to Arrange for Library Access

If you forsee that members of your group will need or want to visit the Rockefeller or Sciences Library, you should make arrangements well in advance.

If your group will be getting Brown photo-IDs: You may request access to library buildings as one of the privileges encoded on the card. If you are working with Conference Services (401-863-1444) or arrow image to a linkSummer Studies, those offices can facilitate procuring IDs. Otherwise, contact the Brown Card office directly at 401-863-CARD.

If your group is NOT getting photo-IDs: Please contact the Circulation Office of the Rockefeller Library (401-863-2165) at least two weeks in advance of the group's arrival. We will try to accommodate your needs. In some cases a nominal charge may be required.

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Use of Electronic Resources & Library Computer Clusters

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linkJosiah, the library's on-line catalog is readily available to everyone in the library. However, the use of computer workstations for other electronic library resources requires that a person have a Brown University NetID.

How to Arrange for Net IDs

Contactarrow image to a linkComputing and Information Services at 401-863-7371.

CIS computer clusters at the Rockefeller Library (levels 1 and 2) and Sciences Library (level A and the mezzanine) are available on a "first come first served" basis to individuals who have access to the libraries, and a Brown University NetID. Responsibility for the clusters, and assisting people with them, rests with Computing and Information Services. For information or assistance, please contact Computer Consultants at 863-7HLP.

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Library Instruction

For information about library orientation and instruction for your group, seearrow image to a link Library Instruction Services. Fill out the online form to request a class session, or contact the Reference Department in the Rockefeller Library (401-863-2167, e-mail arrow image to a or Sciences Library (863-3333, e-mail arrow 
image to a, or the John Hay Library (401-863-3723), e-mailarrow image to a Reference assistance is usually available Monday through Friday, 9:00-5:00.

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Borrowing Library Materials

By special arrangement, and upon demonstrated need, library borrowing privileges may be extended to individuals in your group. To be considered for library borrowing your group should be housed locally, must be getting Brown IDs, and should be on campus for at least two weeks. As a sponsor, you must guarantee that all library materials will be safely returned at the end of the program, and that any outstanding bills or fines will be paid.

How to Arrange for Library Borrowing

In order to check out library material, participants must have a Brown ID. You arrange for this with thearrow image to a link Brown Card Office and/or Conference Services. When you request the Brown IDs, be sure to indicate that you require library borrowing for all participants, and will take responsibility for all materials and charges that might be incurred. Borrowing of library materials does not include interlibrary loan services.

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Course Reserves, "Honor Reserves," and Study Carrels

It is sometimes possible to arrange for selected readings to be gathered in the library for members of your group to use. If your group will have library borrowing privileges, your readings may be placed on library course reserve. Another way to gather readings together for your group is to have them placed in a box, shelf, orstudy carrel for individuals to consult in the library.

How to Arrange for Library Course Reserves and Carrels

In order to determine the best method to meet your needs, please speak to the Course Reserve staff at the library of primary interest to you:

Rockefeller: Shelley Lonergan, Manager401-863-2517
Sciences: Maria D'Onofrio, Manager401-863-1536
Orwig: Ned Quist, Librarian401-863-3759
John Hay Library: Patricia Sirois, Manager401-863-3723

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Other Libraries & Facilities

arrow image to a linkOrwig Music Library. The Orwig Music Library has a circulating collection of books and scores, and offeres course reserve services. Audio materials may be used in the Library only.
Telephone: 863-3759

arrow image to a linkJohn Hay Library
. This Library, which houses Special Collections and University Archives, is open to the public. Readers’ Services staff will be happy to work with you in using the collections, providing tours, and classroom sessions.
Telephone: 863-3723; e-mail:arrow image to a 

arrow image to a linkMedia Services. Media services provides instructional media and services to the Brown community, and houses the Library's video collection.
Telephone: 863-2197

arrow image to a linkArt Slide Library.During the summer, slides in this collection may be borrowed only for use in classes held in the List Art Building.
Telephone: 863-3218

arrow image to a linkDemography Library. The use of this library is limited to Brown faculty, students and staff, or others by appointment.
Telephone: 863-2371

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