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Feature films

Feature films are arranged alphabetically by director.

Title Director Country Year Format System
Back and forth/De ida y vuelta Salvador Aguirre Mexico 2000 DVD Reg. 1
Mi vida loca Allison Anders U.S. 1993 VHS NTSC
A day without a Mexican Sergio Arau U.S. 1997 VHS NTSC
Ballad of an unsung hero Isaac Artenstein U.S. 1983 VHS NTSC
Break of dawn/Rompe el alba Isaac Artenstein U.S. 1988 DVD Reg. 1
Star maps Miguel Arteta U.S. 1997 VHS NTSC
The New Tijuana: the legacy of the past Frank Christopher U.S. 1990 VHS NTSC
Culture Clash Culture Clash U.S. 199? VHS NTSC
Culture Clash's Bowl of beings Culture clash U.S. 1992 VHS NTSC
Tortilla Flat Victor Fleming U.S. 1942 VHS NTSC
Dirty laundry: a homemade telenovela Cristina Ibarra U.S. 2000 VHS NTSC
El super León Ichaso U.S. 1979 VHS NTSC
Animaquiladora: the animation sweatshop Lalo Lopez /Alex Rivera U.S. 1997 VHS NTSC
Stand and deliver Ramon Menendez U.S. 1988 DVD Reg. 1
Nueva Yol Angel Muñiz Dominican R. 1995 VHS NTSC
All night bodega Felix Olivier U.S. 2004 DVD Reg. 1
My family/Mi familia Gregory Nava U.S. 1994 VHS NTSC
Selena Gregory Nava U.S. 1997 DVD Reg. 1
La ciudad David Riker U.S. 1998 VHS NTSC
I am Joaquín El Teatro Campesino U.S. 1969 VHS NTSC
La bamba Luis Valdez U.S. 1986 VHS NTSC
Zoot suit Luis Valdez U.S. 1981 VHS NTSC
Touch of evil Orson Welles U.S. 1958 DVD Reg. 1
West side story Robert Wise & Jerome Robbins U.S. 1961 VHS NTSC
No ordinary love (gay latino component) Doug Witkins U.S. 1994 DVD Reg. 1


Documentary films are arranged alphabetically by director or producer.

Title Director Country Year Format System
Chulas fronteras Les Blank U.S. 1976 VHS NTSC
Del mero corazon (love songs of the Southwest) Les Blank U.S. 1979 VHS NTSC
GV2 / Graffiti verité 2 Bob Bryan U.S. 1998 VHS NTSC
The Americans (The Latin American and Caribbean presence in the U.S) Peter Bull U.S. 1993 VHS NTSC
The Nine nations of North America: MexAmerica Philip Burton U.S. 1987 VHS NTSC
Nuyorican dream Laurie Collyer U.S. 2000 VHS NTSC
Latinos, the life of the spirit Linda Cuellar U.S. 1993 VHS NTSC
Latin and African Americans: friends or foes? (Hispanic Americans: the new frontier) Emilce Elgarresta U.S. 1996 VHS NTSC
Los Mineros Hector Galan U.S. 1990 VHS NTSC
Power, politics and Latinos Hector Galan U.S. 1992 VHS NTSC
From Sleepy Lagoon to Zoot suit: the irreverent path of Alice McGrath Bob Giges U.S. 1986 VHS NTSC
The ties that bind: immigration stories José Roberto Gutiérrez U.S. 1996 VHS NTSC
Living in America: one hundred years of Ybor City Gayle Jamison U.S. 1987 VHS NTSC
Bettina Gray speaks with Luis Valdez Steve Kotton U.S. 1991 VHS NTSC
Tex-Mex: music of the Texas Mexican borderlands Jeremy Marre U.S. 1990 VHS NTSC
The other side of the border Ginny Martin U.S. 1987 VHS NTSC
Transnational fiesta, 1992 Wilton Martinez U.S. 1992 VHS NTSC
Every child is born a poet: the life & work of Piri Thomas Jonathan Meyer Robinson U.S. 2003 DVD Reg. 1
Arturo Madrid (with Bill Moyers) Betsy McCarthy U.S. 1988 VHS NTSC
Chicano J. Gary Mitchell U.S. 1971 VHS NTSC
Chicana Sylvia Morales U.S. 1979 VHS NTSC
Chicano Park Marilyn Mulford U.S. 1988 VHS NTSC
Palabra: a sampling of contemporary Latino writers Laura Moriarty U.S. 1993 VHS NTSC
Brincando el Charco: portrait of a Puerto Rican Frances Negrón-Muntaner U.S. 1994 VHS NTSC
A conversation with academics about Selena Lourdes Portillo U.S. 1998? VHS NTSC
Corpus: a home movie for Selena Lourdes Portillo U.S. 1998 VHS NTSC
The devil never sleeps Lourdes Portillo U.S. 1995 VHS NTSC
La ofrenda: the Days of the Dead Lourdes Portillo U.S. 1988 VHS NTSC
Hispanic Americans: one or many cultures? Francisco Ramirez & Vanessa Cordova Corwin U.S. 1995 VHS NTSC
Hispanics: the second generation Francisco Ramirez U.S. 1998 VHS NTSC
Papapapá Alex Rivera U.S. 1995 VHS NTSC
Routes of rhythm (music) Eugene Rosow & Howard Dratch U.S. 1989 VHS NTSC
Chicano! History of the Mexican American civil rights movement José Luis Ruiz U.S. 1996 VHS NTSC
Interviews with artists (includes Carmen Garza) Elizabeth Sher U.S. 1984 VHS NTSC
W x W, Women by women: an evening of exchange, Galeria de la Raza/Studio 24, May 29, 1985 Elizabeth Sher U.S. 1985 VHS NTSC
Programa Bracero: triste recuerdo Jorge Luis Vázquez Mexico 2002 VHS NTSC
Displaced in the new South David Zeiger U.S. 1995 VHS NTSC

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