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Electrical Distribution

Electrical distribution projects concentrated on replacement of the existing switchgear in the J. Walter Wilson and Sharpe Refectory substations, as well as replacement and upgrade of the 5KV and 11 KV underground distribution cabling and associated switchgear throughout the campus. This work improved the reliability and increased the capacity of the University electrical distribution system. Work was segregated into the following packages.

Package Description
A J.W. Wilson Generator Removal
B 5kv Replacement Feeder 1
C J.W. Wilson Rework of 5 & 11kv Gear
D 5kv Replacement Feeder 4
E Sharpe Refectory Rework of 5 & 11kv Gear
F 5kv Replacement Feeder 2, 6 & 7
G 11kv Replacement Waterman Street
H 11kv Replacement Mid Campus
I 11kv Replacement West Campus
E4 CHP Electrical Remediation Site work
Temp Pool OMAC & Temporary Pool