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Central Heat Plant

The work at the Central Heat Plant upgraded various systems from the original 1968 construction. In 2005, one boiler was re-tubed and new control valves, circulation pump motors and variable frequency drives were installed. In 2006 through early 2007, modifications to the Wastewater System were completed, a new Cooling Tower was installed and the existing one removed, new Pump Controls were installed, two mezzanines were constructed, and repairs to the Soot Blower were completed. In 2008 the Boiler and Combustion Controls system was upgraded along with the CHP electrical system which included a new Vista switch, Motor Control Center, Transformer and switchboards. Also completed in 2008 was a new fuel heating system and the boiler casings were repaired. The new athletics chiller has been postponed until the start of Phase III. Future modifications may include the ability for boiler startup during power outages and the installation of a smaller boiler to enable the plant to meet summer heating requirements.