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The FEC shall serve as a central steering committee for Faculty business.

a.  To investigate matters of concern to the Faculty not in the purview of other faculty committees, and report and make recommendations concerning them to the Faculty.

b.  To refer such issues and other matters pertaining to Faculty business to the Faculty, to the appropriate Faculty Committee, or to an Ad hoc Faculty committee that it may create to investigate and make recommendations regarding the is­sue.

c.  To receive and discuss the annual reports of committees which it shall forward as part of the agenda of a faculty meeting to all members of the Faculty.

d.  To call Special Faculty Meetings and Faculty Forums.

e.  To set the Agenda for Faculty Meetings after consultation with the President, the Secretary of the Faculty and other interested parties.

f.   To act for the Faculty in emergencies, provided that it keeps the Faculty informed of such actions and brings them to the Faculty for approval as soon as possible.

g.  To serve as a conduit between the Faculty and the Administration, Corporation, and students concerning faculty issues. Every faculty member shall have access to the Faculty Executive Committee for purposes of voicing his or her concerns regarding general matters relating to faculty business.

h.  To draw up ballots whereby the Faculty shall elect members of the Committee on Nominations.  For those ballots, the FEC shall solicit nominations from the voting members of the Faculty, and may add names to the list of nominees.  The FEC shall not nominate any of its own members to the Committee on Nominations.

i.   To report annually to the Faculty on the composition by protected groups of faculty members serving on Faculty committees and administrative advisory boards.

j.   To receive from senior administrators charges to administrative advisory boards for possible Faculty approval and inclusion in Faculty Rules and Regulations.

k.  To periodically review Faculty governing structures to ascertain their ef­ficiency and efficacy in carrying out Faculty objectives and to report its findings and recommendations to the Faculty.  Reviews of Faculty governance shall be done at least once every ten years.

l.   It shall be authorized, in consultation with the Secretary of the Faculty, the Parliamentarian, and such administrative officers as are appropriate, to insert and amend descriptions of administrative advisory boards and administratively-appointed Committees of major in­terest to the Faculty in the listing of Committees in the Faculty Rules and Regulations. These descriptions are to include a statement of the membership and charge in each case, similar to the format of entries of Faculty-approved and elected committees. All changes, including additions and deletions, are to be presented to the Faculty by the FEC annually as a printed addendum to the Faculty Rules and Regulations, and current versions are to be incorporated when new versions of the Faculty Rules and Regulations are distributed to the Faculty.

m. The Susan Colver Rosenberger Special Honor Medal is intended to be awarded by the Faculty to one or more individuals for notable achievement in scholarship, public welfare, or any other achievement deemed appropriate by the Faculty. Each year the Committee shall gather nominations for recipients of the award from the Faculty, and recom­mend one or more possible recipients of this award to the Faculty.