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Thursday, February 27, 2014
4:30- 6:00 PM

ROOM 245

SUBJECT:  Provost Search

SPONSORS: The Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) & the Medical Faculty Executive Committee (MFEC)

The FEC and MFEC are co-sponsoring a faculty forum on Thursday, February 27, from 4:30-6:00 p.m., in Room 245, School of Public Health, 121 South Main Street to discuss issues relating to the provost search.  In particular, we welcome discussion on the qualities, skills, and experiences you would like to see in our next provost.  Please note that you will need to show your Brown ID to pass through security at the entrance to the School of Public Health.

As a jointly sponsored forum, we hope to see a diverse mix of faculty at this event.  In this way, we think it will be helpful to the search process if the attendees have a chance to hear for themselves diverse views from across the spectrum of faculty.

The location of the forum represents a cross point between College Hill and Medical School based faculty.  While it is a short walk from either base, we acknowledge that it is not necessarily an easy walk in the middle of winter.  If you prefer not to walk, the Brown inter-campus shuttle runs between the main campus, the School of Public Health, and the medical school at short intervals (approximately every 12 minutes).  The free service is available with a University ID card.  See the Brown Daytime Shuttle website for more information.  Alternatively, parking at the School of Public Health is on South Main Street and along the riverfront (street parking after 4:30 is less of a challenge since court will be out of session by that time).  Some people also find it convenient to park in the large lot next door to Public Health. 
The FEC and MFEC strongly encourage you to attend and make your views known. 
MOTIONS: Formal motions are not in order at a Faculty Forum.

REPORTING: Reporters are welcome to attend under the same restrictions governing regular faculty meetings.