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The mission of Brown’s GK-12 program is to:

1. Transform the experience of graduate students in the physical sciences by exposing them early in their careers to hands-on pedagogy, improving their sense of purpose and drive, and instilling in graduate students the value of community outreach, so that they might continue this type of service later in their own career;

2. Change the environment/culture in science programs at Brown University by breaking down barriers to participation in outreach and by creating a sustainable and expandable set of connections with the PSS, thus increasing the value and support of the Administration and science faculty for community outreach;

3. Engage K-12 students in the PPS system in an active scientific learning process led and modeled by working scientists and to change the way that these students view their own futures, especially futures involving higher education, by exposing them to bright young scientists and the facilities of a research university; and

4. Provide K-12 teachers with both a practical application-base for presenting science to their classes and an appreciation for science as a process of continual learning, so that they might rekindle and communicate their own passion for science education.