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Fellow Erik Taylor's Research is Highlighted in the Brown University News:


Science Necap Scores Improve at Partner Elementary Schools

The district has released the Necap testing scores for 4th grade science, which show Vartan Gregorian and Martin Luther King Junior scores improving significantly between the 2008 and 2009 testing years.


Partner Elementary Schools Host Scientific Mini-Conferences

On June 11th and June 15th, Brown University professors and graduate students will participate in what for them seems like a fairly normal activity – a scientific conference.  For the students at Vartan Gregorian and Martin Luther King Junior, however, these days will certainly be out of the ordinary. 

Beginning with a keynote address in the school auditorium, the conferences will be held in all of the 3rd-5th grade classrooms.  The students will rotate from room to room, visiting three scientific talks of their choosing.  These conferences will be the capstone of the GK-12 2009-2010 partnership with Brown University, made possible by the National Science Foundation.


Science is Not a Problem at Three City Schools

The Providence Journal featured an article titled, “Science Is not a Problem in Three City Schools” on Sept 26, 2008. Providence NECAP testing scores in science were in the single digits when averaged across the district. However, two of the schools that the GK-12 program has partnered with were highlighted in this Providence Journal article for achieving scores well-above the district average. Colin Grimsey, principal of Vartan Gregorian, mentioned the inclusion of Brown graduate fellows in the science classroom as one factor adding to these "high" scores.


Brown's GK12 Outreach is Highlighted in the Physics at Brown Newsletter


pdfRead More... (PDF article courtesy of Physics at Brown, Brown University Physics Department Spring 2008)



The Gregorian Gazette: Students Study Circuits


pdfRead More... (PDF article courtesy of Vartan Gregorian Elementary School)



RET and GK12 Summer Research Programs Highlighted in the Engineering Enginuity


pdfRead More... (PDF article courtesy of Enginuity, Brown University Engineering Department Fall 2007)


The Poseidon: Teachers Spend Cool Summer Learning


pdfRead More... (PDF article courtesy of The Poseidon, the Hope High School Student Newspaper)



NSF Grant Expands Collaborations with Providence Schools


pdfRead More... (PDF article courtesy of Brown University Office of Media Relations)