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Click here to view a Powerpoint summary of Brown's project plan.

Accreditation Cycle

• Re-accreditation with a comprehensive written self-study occurs every 10 years

• Interim report required every 5 years

• Widespread campus participation is expected

• Culminates in a 3-day visit from a team of approximately 10 individuals


Role of the Self-Study in the Accreditation process

The self-study document serves four essential roles in the process and are useful to keep in mind.

  • Serve as the institution's formal application for (continuing accreditation);
  • Demonstrate the institution's ability to analyze its effectiveness based on data and evidence to develop plans for its own improvement
  • Provide evidence that the institution fulfills the Standards for Accreditation
  • Succinctly summarize the information necessary for on-site evaluation, review process, and Commission action

Self-Study with Area of Emphasis

NEASC allows universities to respond to the eleven Standards but provides the option for an Area of Emphasis to accomodate comprehensive, in-depth assessment of a particular area. Brown has chosen to elect this option and has selected the Undergraduate Academic Program as our Area of Emphasis. The Taskforce on Undergraduate Education will guide this important analysis.

Description, Appraisal, Projection

  • DESCRIPTION tells how the institution addresses all relevant parts of each of the Standards. The description helps provide the basis for the external audiences to understand what the institution does in the areas described by the standard. A description of outcomes as well as processes should be included.
  • APPRAISAL conveys the institution's self-evaluation of how well it addresses the standards. What are the institutions strengths in this area? On what aspects does it need to improve?
  • PROJECTION outlines the committments the institution has made to preserve and enhance its strength and address those areas where it need to improve. Mention of who is responsible and timelines, where appropriate, help support the committments.