Helen Waterhouse

Helen Thomas Waterhouse was born and raised in England where father was an Oxford Professor of Sanskrit and Oriental Languages. Interested in ancient Greece, she went to Cambridge to study classical archaeology and from there to the British School of Archaeology in Athens where she concentrated on mainland prehistory and published the gold objects from Mycenae. She also surveyed Laconian Sparta and the excavated the so-called palace of Menelaus, and also took part in the excavations of Ithaca at Stavros. With the outbreak of the war in 1939 she devoted her energies to the war effort. Returning to Greece in 1946, she was appointed the Librarian of the British School as well as Assistant Lecturer in Classics at the University of Manchester. She then married Ellis Waterhouse, Director of the National Gallery of Scotland and they had two daughters. When the family moved to Birmingham, she was made an Honorary Fellow of Ancient History and Archaeology at the University of Birmingham. She published her research on prehistoric Laconia and on Ithaca as well as a history of the British School in Athens. Her achievements are summed up in her last publication, "From Ithaca to the Odyssey".

Author of biography: R. A. Tomlinson
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Breaking Ground: Pioneering Women Archaeologists
Published by the University of Michigan Press, 2004