Lucia Guerrini

Lucia Guerrini (1921-1990) was born in Lodi in northern Italy on December 31, 1921. As a student of Sergio Donadoni she passed her exams in Coptic art and in 1954 she was awarded her degree under the direction of Giovanni Becatti of the University of Milan. In 1957 she participated in the Festos excavations in Crete. Returning to Rome, she was influenced by Bianchi Bandinelli who in 1956 appointed her to teach the history of Greek and Roman art at the University of Rome. In 1958 she devoted her energies to the Italian encyclopedia of classical and oriental art and thereafter in a wide range of subjects. From 1964 she was appointed to Rome University, succeeding Bandinelli. During the 1960s she became involved in diverse research projects including Greek and Roman sculptural iconography and Coptic art. Frequently returning to Egypt, in 1965 she participated in the excavations of Antinoe. In 1973 she became a full professor of archaeology and History of Greek and Roman Art at the University of Rome. An authority of museum collections Guerrrini made important contributions to the field including the inauguration of a series dedicated to Roman sculpture, published in 1982. This spurred on a series of publications (1985, 1986, 1987, 1993) devoted to significant Roman collections. Although she suffered health problems for the last ten years of her life, Guerrini continued to research Greek and Roman sculpture. On November 1, 1990, Lucia Guerrini retuned to Lodi where she died after a courageous battle with disease.

Author of biography: Maria Gragia Picozzi
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