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The small paintings (23 cm in length) of Lamas are positioned above the larger images.
Stylized lotus blossoms cover the ceiling.

View of Southwest Wall Looking North View of Southwest Wall Looking South

Paintings SW-1 to SW-5 reflect Indian influence and may be among
the earliest paintings in the Luri cave gompa.

SW 1, Sakya-pa lama SW 2, Sakyamuni
SW 3, Vajradhara SW 4 SW 5

The frieze paintings of the high lamas of Luri appear to reflect Persian influence.

Frieze Painting 1 Frieze Painting 2
Frieze Painting 3 Frieze Painting 4
Frieze Painting 5 Frieze Painting 6
Frieze Painting 7 Frieze Painting 8
Frieze Painting 9
Detail on Southeast Wall Tibetan Inscriptions on Northwest Wall
Marks Along Northeast Wall

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