Two inscriptions found in Thubchen Du-khang
and Jampa Lha-khang of Lo Monthang

We believe that the inscriptions given here are not complete. In addition to those missing sentences or phrases, indicated below by ellipsis periods or dashes, some passages may have been incorrectly copied. Because of these reasons, it is impossible at this stage to provide a sound translation of the inscriptions.


Inscription found in the Thubchen Du-khang    Page 1


1. zur phud lnga pa'i brgyud bzhin yan lag drug bcu stan (ldan) pa'i gsung //
2. rin chen 'byung gnas bcu yi gter bzhin zab cing rgya che'i thugs mnga ba //
3. kun mkhyen rgyal ba'i sras kyi thu bo sa yi snying po rgyal gyur cig // //

1-3. Like the tantra of Manjushri, which has sixty different
characteristics, even thus is the voice of Kshitigarbha--principal son of
the All-knowing Victorious One [the Buddha], whose mind is as profound and
comprehensive as the source of ten jewels: be Victorious!

4. mi dbang sa yi dbang phyug 'di yis legs byas dpal 'byor bzang po la /
5. lan cig min par rgyal ba'i spyod pa rlabs chen bstan pa yis //
6. srid las 'das kyang 'gro ba'i lam 'dir srid pa'i tshul 'dzin pa //
7. sa le rnam dkar las kyi ri mo 'di ni e ma mtshar // //

4-7. By means of the wealth of the good deeds of the ruler, the lord of earth.
The great salutary actions of the Buddha are continually illuminated,
Although you have overcome the shortcomings of Samsara,
Yet you have come, embodied in Samsaric form, into this realm of beings.

8. lugs gnyis bya ba'i khur gyi mi ngal zhing //
9. rnam dpyod blo gros mchog tu mi smin la //
10. longs spyod gser gyi dra bas gdon pa'i -- //
11. rje dpon a med dad pa'i sbyin bdag yin //

8-11. He is never tired of the dual activities of religion and earthly rule.
He also has great wisdom and his wealth resembles the magnificence
of a golden net. Ruler A-me (pal), pious benefactor!

12. 'od zer dra ba'i ri mo 'di ni 'jig rten gyi //
13. -----------------------------gzhan gyi min //
14. 'on kyang srid brtan pir gyi 'du byed sprul ba na //
15. tshangs pa bdag kyang gdon bzhi sprul nas blta bar brtsom // //

12-15. As for these, drawing the luminous net of light is the world's....
not comparable with others. However, the paintings created
are so magnificent that even Brahma, who manifests with four faces,
would be moved to admire them.

16. gzhan phan sems kyi 'od zer can //
17. snying stobs chen po'i rta ljang gis //
18. 'gro ba'i ma rig mun sel ba //
19. sems pa mchog gi dge legs gyur // //

16-19. You have the luminous spirit of one who benefits others,
And great courage, life-giving like the sun,
With them you dispel the ignorance of living beings,
Hail, supreme spirit!

20. tshangs dang rgya sbyin dbang po'i dgra la sogs //
21. 'jig rten che bar grags pa thams cad kyi //
22. ral pa'i cod pan sa la 'grems mdzad pa //
23. thub pa dpal sbas mchod pas mnyes par byas // //

20-23. The magnificent Buddha, who was venerated with prostrations by the
powerful deities of the world, such as Brahma, Indra and the demi-gods, be
pleased with the offerings.

24. gser gyi sa gzhi baidur yaya me tog gsar bas rnam par byas //
25. mchog mdzes sdong bu'i lding khang dang ldan byi ru'i 'khri shing
mgo sogs gyo//

26. rin chen ba gam 'od kyi nye bar 'khyud //
27. mu tig dmar pos spras pa'i khri la chos kyi bdud rtsi'i 'gums // //

24-27. The golden floor [of the temple] is decorated with flowers made of
blue jewels.
This magnificent building is erected with Pagsam [wish-fulfilling] wood and
its pillars are made of corals. This precious temple is surrounded by
light. The temple's throne is decorated with red pearls.

28. OM SVASTI //


29. mar gad nyi 'od dang 'grogs sku yi dpal ni mngon dga' zhing //
30. zhing mchog gtso bo thub dbang do shal na zas mdzes //
31. mdzes sdug 'od kyis 'gro ba'i sgrib sel nyes pa kun las bsrungs // //

29-31. The glory of the statue, green [Jade] in color, with the light of the sun,
is delightful. The Buddha, chief of the supreme world, is beautiful
with garlands, ornaments and garments. This wonderful light dispels
the delusions of living beings and protects them from harm.

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