The Tibetan Buddhist Wall Paintings of Lo Monthang, and Luri Gompa, Mustang, Nepal.

Marcia R. Lieberman*, Lama Ngawang Jorden**,
and Philip Lieberman*

* Brown University, Providence, RI 02912
** University of Chicago


Tibetan Prayer

English Translation of the Prayer of Auspiciousness

Replete with excellence like a mountain of gold,
The triple worlds' saviors, freed from the three taints,
Are the buddhas, their eyes like lotuses in bloom;
They are the world's first auspicious blessing.

The teachings they imparted are sublime and steadfast,
Famed in the triple worlds, honored by gods and humans alike,
That holy teaching grants peace to all sentient beings;
This is the world's second auspicious blessing.

The sacred community, rich with learning, is honored
By humans, gods, and demi-gods.
That supreme community is modest, yet the site of glory;
This is the world's third auspicious blessing.

The teacher has come into our world;
The teaching shines like the sun's rays;
The teaching masters, like siblings, are in concord;
Let there thus be auspicious blessings for the teachings to remain for long.

Transliteration of the Prayer

Phun sum tshogs pa mng' ba gser gyi ri bo 'dra //
'jig rten gsum gyi mgon po dri ma gsum spangs pa //
sangs rgya pad ma rgyas pa 'dab 'dra'i spyan mng' ba //
de ni 'jig rten dge ba'i bkra shis dang po yin // //

De yis nye bar bstan pa'i mchog rab mi g.yo ba //
'jig rten gsum na grags shing lha dang mis mchod pa //
chos kyi dam pa skye sgu rnams la gzhi byed pa //
de ni 'jig rten dge ba'i bkra shis gnyis pa yin // //

Dge 'dun dam pa chos ldan thos pa'i bkra shis phyug //
mi dand lha dang lha ma yin gyi mchod pa'i gnas //
tshogs kyi mchog rab ngo tsha shes dang dpal gyi gzhi //
de ni 'jig rten dge ba'i bkra shis gsum pa yin // //

Ston pa 'jig rten khams su byon pa dang //
bstan pa nyi 'od bzhin du gsal ba dang //
bstan 'dzin bu slob dge 'dun mthun pa yis //
bstan pa yun ring gnas pa'i bkra shis shog // //

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