Center for Genomics and Proteomics

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The Center was nucleated by an interdisciplinary team of Brown faculty who moved in August 2004 into the newly opened Laboratories for Molecular Medicine at 70 Ship Street. Membership in the Center is recommended by the Executive Committee, and new members are recruited from campus-based, hospital, and MBL faculty when appropriate. The Center follows a broadly-inclusive philosophy in its membership. All members of the extended Brown community have equal access to all the core facilities and other services offered by the Center.

Six new faculty positions were allocated to the Genomics and Proteomics initiative by the Academic Priorities Committee. A number of existing departmental slots have been and will continue to be used in augmenting the Center. To establish necessary critical mass, the Center is working closely with all BioMed Departments in helping them identify and hire faculty. The Center is cooperating closely with the recently established Center for Computational Molecular Biology in the area of bioinformatics.

The Brown Center for Genomics and Proteomics is administered by a Scientific Director with reporting lines to the Provost and to the Dean of Biology and Medicine. The implementation of goals set by the director in association with the associate director with input from the steering and executive committees is provided by an Associate Director of Operations. This individual also identifies research opportunities and coordinates the submission of grants in response to target opportunities.

The Center's emphasis is on implementation of high-throughput approaches to solve complex problems in biology and medicine. Faculty members affiliated with the Center are committed to developing cutting-edge technologies that will benefit the public health and educational missions of Brown University and the Brown Medical School. The Center works closely with the Center for Computational Molecular Biology and the Center for Statistical Science to develop a coordinated research and educational mission that will address the broad goals of each center, and allow Brown to be an active hub of research in Systems Biology. The Center has begun to develop a teaching and training program that responds to current and future needs of the field. This involves continued creation of course materials for the current curriculum as well as specialized courses, training sessions and hands-on workshops.

The Center operates four state-of-the-art core facilities: Genomics, Proteomics, Mouse Transgenics, and Biological Imaging. Further information on the cores, such as their instrumentation and the provided services, can be obtained from their individual web pages.