Center for Genomics and Proteomics Mission

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A major role of the Center is to establish and operate modern research infrastructure in the form of core facilities. A broadly-inclusive philosophy ensures equal access to the Center's services for the entire Brown community. In addition to the acquisition of instrumentation the Center has undertaken the training and supervision of technical support staff, a component that is essential to maintaining a productive and professional level of service. The Center keeps abreast of current and developing technologies and provides consulting on their application.

A key mandate of the Center is to enable access to systems biology education to a broad constituency of undergraduate, graduate and medical students as well as hospital-based staff. The Center works closely with departments and programs to develop curriculum both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. This activity is channeled through existing undergraduate concentrations and graduate training programs.

The Center fosters interdisciplinary interaction and collaboration by a variety of outreach mechanisms, such as a seminar series in Genomics and Proteomics, specialized seminars in particular areas of interest such as bioinformatics, training sessions on technical and methodological topics, and hands-on workshops.