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upon login, drive letter Z will be mapped automatically, providing immediate access to: in house esridata……geospatial data encompassing multiple countries and the world othergisdata……geospatial data from a variety of organizations rigisdata……all the rhode island geospatial data files from RIGIS note ~ due to size constraints, LiDAR and some imagery will need to be downloaded separately from RIGIS depending on your area of interest Geospatial data is everywhere; here are a few pointers to some primary resources.   Many files can be downloaded so you have a local copy.  Others can added to your projects from the cloud. Please refer to the basic how-to’s page for guidance…..

environmental data

United States Department of Agriculture and the Natural Resources Conservation Service  

United States Geological Survey National Geospatial Program  

United States Environmental Protectional Agency  

United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service   

US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Weather Service

US Department of Homeland Security Federal Emergency Management Agency  

remote sensing data


Landsat 8  

NAPP, Global Land Survey, ASTER, MODIS, Landsat

demographic data

United States Census Bureau     

American Factfinder  

National Historical Geographic Information System

list of lists

Karen Payne's List of Geospatial Data Resources

Robin Wilson's List of Data

GIS Geography