Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Fall 2005 Semester
Lynn Carlson and Bethany Bradley, Instructors
Open House Poster Session Presentations
1:00 - 2:20 pm, Thursday, December 8, 2005
MacMillan Hall, Room 101
Brown University

Title and Link to .pdf of Poster
Lisa Anderson The Roman Cemetery at Brougham and the Identification of Roman Soldiers
Kemen Austin Spatial Analysis of Factors Contributing to Urbanization in Thailand
Daniel Curley Housing Preference in Providence, RI
Molly Deringer Grafton County, NH Forest Fragmentation
Elizabeth Forsyth Spatial Impacts of Typhoons in Northeastern Taiwan
Kelly Gagnon Redevelopment and use of Teddy Ebersol Field, Boston
Maria Harris History of Reforestation in the Big River Management Area, West Greenwich, RI
Paolo Ikezoe US-6 Freeway in Western Rhode Island: Site Suitability
Caroline Jordi Land Use for the Relocation of Interstate 195
Joe Levy Physical Controls on the Distribution of Patterned and Periglacial Terrains: Mars (Northern Hemisphere)
Tom Lyons Providence’s The Great Salt Cove; Where did it Go?
Lisa Mandle Using the native climate of Impatiens walleriana to predict its global adventive range
Anna Mulligan Identification of Valuable Habitat Regions in Central Vermont
Blair Nelsen Sustainable Development In The Brazilian Amazon
Jasper Oshun Remote Sensing vs. Ground Data
Caroline Rodriguez Water by the"HAP" Aquifer: Is It Enough?
Mia Scharphie Differential Access to the Chicago River
Eric Thomas Redevelopment and Use of Providence's Mills
Nina Townsend Asthma and Age, Race and Poverty in Rhode Island
Hanna Vovk Risk Analysis of LNG Terminal Siting Selection