Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Fall 2006 Semester
Wilfrid Rodriguez and Gillian Galford, Instructors
Open House Poster Session Presentations
1:00 - 2:20 pm, Thursday, December 7, 2006
MacMillan Hall, Room 101
Brown University

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Title of Poster
Adam Akullian Spatial Patterns of Schistosomiasis: The Intersection of Environmental and Bio-social Forces Shaping Disease Distribution
Angie Allen Predicting the Abundance and Distribution of Thermokarst Features in a Transitional Arctic Landscape: Application of a GIS Model
Ryan Couto Predicting Structural Feasibility of 'Dynamo House' Renovations Based on Groundwater and Soil Classification Analysis
Joe Donahue A GIS Based Analysis of Economic Affects on the Gulf Coast After Hurricane Katrina
Ben Hudson The Hydrology of Three Lakes in the Rwenzori Mountains, Africa
Paris Latham Water Use Trends in Rhode Island and the Impacts of Water Rates
Merrielle MacLeod Using GIS to Determine Suitable Locations for Aquaculture Along the Massachusetts Coastline
Mark Mcguire Lead and Mercury Distribution Throughout the Narragansett Bay Estuary
Lindsay McKenna Historic and Current Shoreline Changes of Little Mussachuck Creek, Upper Narrangansett Bay, Rhode Island
Marrissa Molinar Runoff Volumes Within Subwatersheds of the Woonasquatucket River
Quincy Moore Assessing HIV Risk In Hidden Populations
Scott Nelson Vegetation Change in Romney Marsh, Boston, Massachusetts
Carrie Nielson Mapping the Growth of Oakland, California Using Historical Maps and Aerial Photography
Anne Pezalla Creating A Development Footprint of Kenting National Park, Taiwan
Cheryl Scott Using GIS To Identify Target Locations For Assessing Cumulative Ecosystem Impacts From Hurricanes Along the Louisiana Coast
Christina Tang Deciphering the Spatial Patterns of New England Farmhouses in the 1860s
John Wooster The City of Pawtucket Land Use 1884 - 1923
Will Yandik Modeling Changes in Grassland Birds in Campton, New Hampshire, 1860 - Present