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Introduction to GIS ~ Class of 2014

Brian Escobar

A Spatial Assessment of Environmental Factors and High School Performance

David Chodakewitz

It's Not Easy Finding Green:  Using GIS Analysis to Increase Accessibility to Parks in Providence

Dora Mugerwa

The Poisoning of Kern County: Using GIS to Analyze Human Pesticide Exposure

Eve Dewan

Labor and Landscape at Poplar Forest: A Closer Look at Thomas Jefferson's Carriage Turnaround

Emily Longman

Climate Change Impacts on Avian Distribution

Elena Venable

The Future of Flooding: Effects of 1.4 meter Sea Level Rise, Santa Cruz, CA

Ned Willig

A Global Analysis of Agricultural Fertilizer Inputs and Soils

Julia Telzak

An Analysis of Nuisance and Foreclosed Properties in Central Falls, Rhode Island

Katherine McKeen

Impact of Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding on Road Infrastructure in Charlestown and South Kingstown, RI

Darcy Hackley

Water in the Desert: Using Archaeology to Reconstruct Ecology

Omar Alcovar

Paths of Interaction: GIS Spatial Analysis in Preclassic Mesoamerica

Ruth Gourevitch

New York City Achievement Deserts: A Spatial Analysis of Low-Achieving District Schools and the Influence of Charter Schools

Yoon Shim

Spaces of Confinement:  Built Environment and Materiality at Amache Internment Camp, Granada, CO

Research, etc. Check back often - more projects will be added soon!

The Changing Landscape of Global Disease Outbreaks

BIARI Global Participation 2009 - 2014

Centerdale Manor Restoration Project