:What should we do in the future?  

What does the future look like for climate change, and for how our actions lead to the production of greenhouse gases?  Here, find information on future predictions for climate change and some alternative energy choices and technologies that exist or are being developed.

Alternative Energy Sources, Technologies and Resources

*Learning about Renewable Energy (from the Dept. of Energy- Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (EREN)) *Earth Day Clear Energy Agenda :"outlines common-sense ways to mobilize American
ingenuity and resources for a rapid transition to renewable energy sources."(from
*Alternative Energy Choices *Alternatives: Public Transportation *Alternatives: Cars

Future Predictions for Climate Change

*Impacts of Global Warming (EPA) :looks at how climate change would impact different areas of the natural world and society. *Tools for Assessing Impacts: what are the tools being used to project what the future will hold with climate change? (Nat'l Assessment)
*Our Ecosystems in the Future:  what are the expected impacts of climate change on the ecosystems of the United States? (Nat'l Assessment) *Future Climate Projections for the Northeast and New England (Nat'l Assessment)

*Alternative Transportation Options:

     :Public Transportation


*Alternative Energy Choices

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