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*USGCRP United States National Assessment: The Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change :  a recently released report looking at  the consequences of climate change for the U.S. , both positive and negative on various sectors. 

*EPA Global Warming Website: provides information on general global warming concepts. 

*NOAA Climate Predication Center : another resource for looking at the key issues in global warming. 

*A Beginners Guide to the Convention and Kyoto Protocol, published by the UNFCCC

*Warming of the Earth - A Beginner's Guide -Created by The Woods Hole Research Center.  

*The Environment Site : Contains info and links on global warming; also provides students with ability to make no-cost, anonymous clicks which create donations to an environmental resource trust for actions to reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gases.  

*DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (EREN) Kids' Stuff

* NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies: excellent reference for information and data on climate change.  Sections of note --

         :The Global Warming Debate, by James Hansen 
              : download a copy of James Hansen's full presentation from the 1998 American Association for the
              Rhetoric of Science and Technology
Debate in New York City, including many useful slides. in PDF format

         :Global Temperature Trends: Continued Global Warmth in 1999

         :Common Sense Climate Index : "a simple measure of the degree (if any) to
              which practical climate change is occurring.The index is a composite of several everyday climate

         :Global Maps and Movies of Climate Index

*Global Warming : Early Warning Signs  : a site locating global warming indictors across the Earth. Excellent interactive map and explanations of indicators.  A poster size version of the map is also available. (produced by group of organizations including: the Environmental Defense Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club, and the Union of Concerned Scientists.)

       : References: the details of the scientific studies and reports used to select the global warming indicators.




*Global Change                    Online Journal on climate Change and Ozone Depletion

*N.Y.Times Global Warming Archive

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