Individual Choices

 :How You Can Influence Change

Climate change and Global Warming often seem like they are too grand and tremendous in scale for us to really feel they are immediate to our lives, or that our actions can really make a difference one way or another in the future of global climate change.. 

However, as the evidence begins to crystallize and become more conclusive that anthropogenic -human produced- emissions are causing a warming of the Earth, we need to each look at how we as individuals, and as families, schools, and communities, contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, and how we might find ways to reduce our emissions.  

*Take Action! find out about opportunities to become involved in, or start your own student driven campaigns and programs to work on climate change issues. * look at an alternative energy provider , see who your energy provider is in Rhode Island, and look at what some of your energy options are.
*Alternatives: What should we do in the future?  *Find out about  alternative transportation choices in Rhode Island.
*Global Warming Pollution Calculator: see how your family's car rates in terms of its fuel economy.(from *The Great Green Web Game: test your knowledge of how consumer choices affect the environment.  
*Alternatives: Energy: What are some of Rhode Island's Energy Options? What are other states doing?  *Carbon Consequences: What is the impact of your energy choice?
*Sierra Club Global Warming website
*Find out where you can buy Energy Star qualified, energy efficient products appliances in your neighborhood. About Energy Star *Trees for the Future: Global Cooling Action Center - several programs to get individuals and businesses involved in
reversing the movement towards global warming, through tree planting programs. 
*Write your congressperson and ask him or her to support legislation that promotes clean-air, stricter emissions standards, and other environmental initiatives.


*Evaluate your greenhouse gas emissions. 

*Look at your emissions from your daily activities.

*Simple things to reduce your emissions.

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