*The Earth Observing System Project (educator's visual materials) A series of extensively annotated space-based images of the earth and sea, from NASA. Covers global climate change, ozone depletion, deforestation, and land use.

*A Climate Change Atlas for 80 Forest Tree Species of the Eastern United States - "A tremendous amount of information including distribution maps and tables for different climate change scenarios,   life-history and disturbance attributes, ecological attributes, forest type maps and sorted lists of species importance values by state/county for different climate change scenarios and more." A project of the USDA Forest Service,   Northeastern Research Station.

Why does planting trees help stem the increase of greenhouse gases in Rhode Island? How is this related to why environmental activists are working to halt the destruction of the rainforests in South America? 

Lesson Plans:

*NOAA greenhouse gas materials

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   High School:

       Calculating the Energy of Sunlight: 

                                    (from: The Alliance to Save Energy)

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Photo courtesy of Saul Saila